How to Make Heart-Shaped Valentine Folded Love Notes

Learn how to make these lovely folded Valentine love notes in 7 easy steps.

Learn how to make these pretty folded love notes. Katherine Lee

With just a few simple materials, you can learn how to make these pretty love notes in just a few steps. These lovely Valentine notes are so easy to make, you can create a big batch in minutes and have your child (or husband or wife!) open one each day until Valentine's Day.

First, gather a few simple materials to make these Valentines.

Get the materials you will need to make these heart-shaped Valentine notes. Katherine Lee

You will need just a few simple supplies to make these pretty Valentine notes:

Origami paper in pretty patterns and colors (If you don't have origami paper, you can use any pretty paper, such as wrapping paper, and cut them into square shapes.)

  • Large heart-shaped cookie cutter
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Pens or markers
  • Heart-shaped stickers

Trace and cut out the heart shapes.

Trace and cut out the heart shapes. Katherine Lee

Using your cookie cutter, trace and cut out the heart shapes from your origami paper.

Write out your Valentine message on the hearts.

Write your note on the plain side of the heart. Katherine Lee

Write out your Valentine messages on the plain, unpatterned side of the paper hearts.

Begin folding the hearts into an envelope shape.

Begin folding the hearts. Katherine Lee

Next, begin folding the hearts into the shape of an envelope. Start by turning the heart upside down and folding down the left and right sides as shown.

Fold the bottom part of the heart.

Continue folding the hearts. Katherine Lee

Next, take the bottom part and fold it up to make an envelope shape. (See photo.)

Fold the top part down and seal with a sticker.

Fold the top down and add a sticker. Katherine Lee

Fold the top down to complete your "envelope" shape and seal with a heart-shaped sticker. That's it! How simple was that?

Make several more notes with different messages of love and affection.

Make several more with different messages. Katherine Lee

Make a whole batch of love notes with different messages and put them in a Valentine box or envelope for your child to open each day in the days leading up to Valentine's Day. And make some for your child to write her own messages so that you can open her messages to you!

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