How to Make Low-Calorie Coffee Drinks at Home

Save money and lose weight by with easy coffee drink recipes

make low calorie coffee drink recipes
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One of the best ways to decrease your caloric intake and lose weight is to make your coffee drinks at home. Many popular coffee shop drinks are loaded with calories and they are expensive, too.  So why not save time, save money and save calories at the same time? It's easy to do with coffee drink recipes that you make at home.

Make Coffee Drinks at Home

When you make your own coffee drinks, you control the amount of sugar, the amount and type of milk and the amount of caffeine that goes into every cup.

And think about what you could do with the time you save by skipping the morning trip to the coffee shop. A morning workout, perhaps?

Of course, when you make your own coffee drinks at home, you need to own your own espresso maker. Don't own one yet? The initial investment can be costly but if you add up the amount of money you currently spend at Starbucks you might find that buying a coffee maker to use at home is less expensive in the long run.

Coffee Recipe Swaps and Ideas to Save Calories

When you make your favorite coffee recipe, use skim milk and sugar free syrups to make sure that your coffee drink is low in calories. You can also use powdered cocoa or cinnamon on top of your drink for flavor instead of flavored syrup to cut additional calories. 

After you master coffee drinks, get creative and make other creations at home. For example, do you crave chocolate at night? Find a high quality dark chocolate powder and make a small hot chocolate with foamed milk.

The drink contains about 100 calories, significantly less than the 520 calories you’d find in a cup of Haagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream.

Need a caffeine pick-me-up in the middle of the day? Instead of reaching for a soft drink, make yourself an iced coffee. Brew an espresso and throw it over ice or add one half cup of chilled skim milk.

Soft drinks, like Coke and Pepsi, contain about 150 calories per 12 oz serving and contain no healthy nutrients. An iced coffee with skim milk contains about 40 calories, 4 grams of protein and other nutrients such as calcium.​

Simple changes that save 100 or 200 calories each day can have a big impact at the end of the month. Consider investing the time and money into learning how to make coffee drinks at home. The folks at Starbucks might miss you, but your scale will be happier.

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