How to Make The Corset Diet Work

Learn how to use a corset for weight loss

Waist training with the corset diet
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The corset diet seems like it might be the easiest way to lose weight. All you have to do is wear a tight corset during the day to slim down. This age-old program is enjoying new found popularity since tabloids began reporting that celebrities including Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian have used waist training to reshape their bodies. But is reasonable to use a corset for weight loss?

While a waist training diet has all of the trademarks of a scam, there are a few reasons that a weight loss corset might actually work. If you're considering the corset diet to shape your waistline, follow these common sense guidelines to change your body more effectively.

5 Ways The Corset Diet May Work

Wearing a weight loss corset - or any article of clothing - will not cause you to lose weight. There is no physiological change that happens when you put on a waist trainer that will force you to eat less or burn more calories to create permanent weight loss.  But there are a few ways that the corset diet may help you to slim down.

  • You'll eat less.  If you wear a tight waist corset around your belly during meal time, you're likely to eat less. Overeating becomes uncomfortable. It's that simple.
  • You'll learn to plan meals. If you can't eat as much at each sitting, you may have to plan several small meals throughout the day in order to eat the right number of calories each day. When you plan your meals in advance - especially at a time when you're not hungry - you're likely to pack a smaller, healthier meal.
  • Eating becomes more mindful. If you feel pressure from the corset right away when you start eating, you're not likely to eat mindlessly from an open package or bowl. Tightness around your belly helps you to become more aware of each and every bite you take.
  • Slimming effect boosts confidence. Dieters often give up and quit their eating programs when they don't see results quickly enough. But wearing a corset provides an instant slimming effect. This may help to boost your confidence enough to stick to your diet.
  • Sitting becomes less comfortable. Wearing a waist corset may help you to move more often throughout the day simply because slouching in a chair becomes uncomfortable. If you can burn more calories from non-exercise activity all day, you may be able to lose weight faster.

4 Ways to Make The Corset Diet Work

If you're really serious about waist training with a corset, there are a few guidelines you should follow.

  1. Keep your expectations in check. One website for the corset diet claims you can lose up to 6 pounds per week with a corset. They even claim that doctors and dietitians approve the waist shaping device. Be skeptical of these claims! There is no scientific evidence that proves that a corset diet will cause any amount of weight loss. In fact, when I asked the owners of that website to provide information about specific physicians or dietitians who support their corset diet, the company declined to provide names. The amount of weight you lose will depend on how much you eat, just like any other diet.
  2. Take the corset off to exercise. Some corset diet websites suggest that you wear the corset all day long. But exercising in a corset is bound to fail. You need to move freely to exercise effectively for fat loss. You'll burn more calories without restriction so take the waist trainer off during workouts.
  1. Don't wear the corset at night.  Some of the more reasonable corset diet websites suggest that you wear the corset for a few hours during the day and during meals. That makes sense since the waist trainer offers the most benefit to you while you eat. But wearing the corset at night might cause you to sleep less. And there is some evidence to suggest that our food choices suffer when we are tired.
  2. Gradually wean your corset time. In order to take advantage of the healthier eating habits you might learn during the corset diet, you should gradually decrease the time you spend in your waist trainer. Continue to plan healthy, portion-controlled meals and avoid mindless snacking. Before you know it, you'll be practicing diet-friendly food habits all day long without the corset.

    As a weight loss expert, it's hard for me to recommend any diet program that depends on gimmicks - especially gimmicks that cost a lot of money.  Waist training with a corset does rely on a gimmick to some extent. But if you are convinced that the corset diet is a program that you want to try, use common sense and these reasonable guidelines to make it work more effectively.

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