How to Manage Early Puberty, Girls and Development

More and more girls are reaching puberty at an early age. And that can pose problems for both parent and child. Here's what you need to know about early puberty, girls and development. 

Early Puberty, Girls and the Impact

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What does early puberty mean for a growing girl? If a girl reaches puberty before her peers she may feel overwhelmed by all the transitions, and ultimately she may feel like she doesn't belong among her peers. Here's how early puberty can impact a young girl.


The Consequences of Early Puberty

Girls who reach puberty are at risk of developing depression, anxiety and other serious conditions. Here's what early puberty, girls and development can mean for your child.


How to Cope with Early Puberty

Girls who begin to develop before their peers can be ridiculed and even treated as if they were much older. Here's how to help your daughter deal with negative attention, and maintain her self-esteem. 


Factors in Early Puberty

Why do some girls reach puberty early while others do not? Believe it or not, family relationships may play a part. Here's what may contribute to early puberty, girls and development.


Sex Differences in Early Puberty

Girls are more likely to experience early puberty than boys. Here's why, and what it all means to parents and their daughters. 


What is the Secular Trend?

What is the secular trend and what does it mean for today's girls? The secular trend is the average age girls reach puberty. Find out if the secular trend has changed over time. 


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