How to Measure Your Penis Size

Does Size Does Matter?

How to Measure Penis Size
How to Measure Penis Size. Photo © 2015 Dawn Stacey

Why You Should Even Measure Your Penis Size

I know, we are always telling men that penis size doesn't matter. But, when it comes to choosing the perfect condom, size can make all the difference. So many men complain about condoms fitting too tight, but you can solve this problem with the right size condom ... which is why you need to measure your penis size! So, the first step in your journey to find the perfect condom is to measure your penis.

How to Measure Your Penis Size in 3 Simple Steps:

Time Required: 15 minutes (after you have an erect penis).

Here's How to Measure Your Penis:

  1. An Erection is Required - In order to accurately measure your penis size, you must have an erect penis. A limp penis will not give you the correct penis size. How you choose to accomplish this task is up to you. But you can't move any further in measuring your penis size until your penis has assumed the proper position!

  2. Measure Penis Length - Start off by measuring the length of your penis. All you need to do is use a ruler or measuring tape. Position the ruler or measuring tape at the base of your penis (where it attaches to your body - make sure to press into the pubic bone as far as you can because fat can actually hide the length of your penis). Measure your penis length by marking how long it is from the base, all the way to the end of the tip. Write down this number and label it penis length.

  1. Measure Penis Girth - Now you will be measuring around your penis. You will be measuring your penis girth (which is the same thing as its circumference/thickness). For this step, you need to use a piece of string (or something similar) or a soft measuring tape. Gently wrap the string one time around the thickest part of the shaft/body of your erect penis (yes, it still needs to be erect!). Mark where the string meets. Then measure the string distance with a ruler. You could also do the same thing with the soft measuring tape, and just mark the measurement once you reach around the penis. Write down this number and label it penis girth. You may also want to know the width or diameter of your penis (since some condoms provide this measurement). You can determine your penis width/diameter by taking the girth measurement you got and dividing it by 3.14. The number you get after doing this is the width of your penis.

    So I Measured My Penis - What's the Average Penis Size?

    Now you have a good idea of your penis size, and it's time for the fun part ...and guess what? You no longer need an erect penis. It is time to compare your penis size with the average penis size. Typically, the average erection has a:

    • Penis length of approximately 5.5 to 6.3 inches (139.7 to 160.02 mm).
    • Penis girth ranging between 4.5 to 5.1 inches (114.3 to 129.54 mm).
    • Penis width (diameter) would be about 1.4 to 1.6 inches (35.56 to 40.64 mm).

    If your penis size is close to these averages, then a standard size condom should provide you with the most accurate fit. 

    A Tip When Measuring Your Penis:

    To get the most accurate measurement of your penis size, you should repeat the above steps 1-3 at different times throughout the day over several days. Penis size can vary due to stress, fatigue, frequency of sexual activity and arousal levels.

    What You Need to Measure Your Penis:

    • Ruler
    • Soft Measuring Tape or String
    • Pencil/Pen
    • Paper
    • An Erect Penis!

      Using Your Penis Size to Choose a Condom:

      Now that you figured out how to measure your penis size, you should be able to determine what size condom you need. So, it's time to find the perfect condom. Use this condom size chart to compare the sizes of the most popular condom types and find the one that will be a good fit for you.

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