Great Activities to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Fun ways to make sure your child doesn't experience a summer learning slide

Summer learning should be a part of every child’s summer, say education experts. Research has shown that kids can lose as much as a couple of months’ worth of learning in the summer -- a phenomenon that’s often referred to as “summer brain drain.” And experts say math, more than reading, is a subject in which kids are more likely to experience summer learning loss, possibly because parents and educators are more likely to focus on summer reading lists. To make sure your child doesn’t experience summer brain drain while on vacation, try to incorporate some summer learning into his fun.

To Encourage Summer Learning:

Go to the library.

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Summer learning is as close to home as your nearest public library. Plus, many public libraries have great summer events and programs for kids. Best of all, it’s free!

Visit a museum.

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Does your grade-schooler love science? Art? History? Find a museum or exhibit near you that has something that might be just up her alley. Then, you can go to a bookstore or library to read more about that topic.

Talk about books.

Research shows that simply giving a child a book is not enough -- parents need to make sure he comprehends what he is reading. The best way to do that is by asking questions and talking about a book’s plot and characters, or by reviewing that your child learned from the book.

Make math a part of your child's day.

Baking yummy treats is one of the great indoor activities for kids.

Doing summer math doesn’t have to mean asking your child to sit and practice problems on a math worksheet. but she’ll be able to, say, split up a blueberry pie for dessert. Try these ideas for doing math games in the kitchen. You can also go to the grocery store together and do math activities there such as asking her to tally up items or figure out change.

Math games can also be incorporated into road trips. And on a rainy or especially scorching-hot day, you can try some online math games to help sharpen your child's math skills.

Make sure he stays physically active.

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Studies have shown that exercise can help boost kids’ learning. So while getting kids active has obvious physical benefits, it can also help their cognitive development, too.

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