How to Protect Your Joints

Be Mindful of What You Need to Do

Woman stretching
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Avoid damaging your joints even more by using common sense, good body mechanics, and assistive devices.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 30 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Do gentle range-of-motion exercises daily. Put each joint through its full range of motion by bending, stretching, and extending the joint and surrounding muscles.
  2. Adjust your activity level according to your pain level.
  1. Make an effort to maintain your ideal weight.
  2. Pace yourself by balancing rest and activity.
  3. Use assistive devices to preserve your joints.
  4. Use the largest or strongest joint possible when doing a specific task.
  5. Avoid excessive pressure or stress on the small joints of the hand.
  6. Change positions as often as possible.
  7. Extend your joints as opposed to contracting them.
  8. Avoid heavy lifting if possible.
  9. Whenever possible, sit instead of standing.
  10. Ask for help when you need it.


  1. If an activity feels like too much, it is too much.
  2. Know and respect your limitations.
  3. Good nutrition and exercise help to keep your weight in check.

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