How to Racewalk

The Basics of Racewalk Technique

Racewalking Sequence
Racewalking Sequence. Dorling Kindersley/Dorling Kindersley RD/Getty Images

Do you want to tone more muscles, burn more calories per mile and win competitions? Racewalking is for you!

Racewalking is not just walking fast or speedwalking. It is a defined technique. Two rules set it apart from running and freeform walking. It is also a competition sport where you can win races from the local level through the Olympic Games. Racewalking also opportunities to compete and to achieve national standing for people of all ages.

Rules of Racewalking: These are the rules that define racewalking and how it is judged.

I  attended ERO-FIT's Northwest Racewalk Retreat for a couple of years and refined my technique each time. As a fitness walker and volkssport walker, I use racewalking technique to achieve a higher heart rate and to use good body mechanics. The benefits to my workout are great.

Basics of Racewalking Technique

Coach Judy Heller of ERO-FIT and Associates shares this basic course in racewalk technique for you to learn the basics of the sport.

Racewalking Step by Step

Racewalking Coaching and Resources

  • Top Picks for Racewalking Books and Videos: Find out more about the basics of racewalking and advanced techniques with these books and videos. They include full clinics on DVD. These books and videos are very helpful in learning more about the sport.
  • Racewalking Clinics and Coaching: Where to find live training to learn racewalking. This is essential as learning from books and videos cannot substitute for learning it live from a coach. Racewalking is simply too unnatural of a motion to get right without coaching.
  • Racewalking Clubs: Find racewalking clubs around the world to meet and compete with. Being part of club with regular competitions and being judged for your form is the best way to develop as a racewalker. Plus, you will begin to gather ribbons, medals and trophies from races.

Racewalking History and Humor

  • No Respect for Olympic Racewalking: NBC sports commentators can't resist making snide comments about racewalkers during the Olympic Games. It doesn't matter that they are racing in an event that is longer than a marathon or setting world records. And then there is that Snickers commercial...
  • Racewalking Slogans and Comebacks: Racewalkers get a lot of comments when they pass by runners, regular walkers and people just hanging around. Here are the lines they wish they had said in response, plus edgy and fun sayings suitable for t-shirts.
  • A Brief History of Walking: Walking had its glory days, with kings competing, huge prize money at stake, and actual respect. All of that ended once running took over in the past century. Ah, days gone by!
  • 2012 Olympic Racewalking: World and Olympic Records were set by both the men and the women racewalkers at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The racewalking course was a two-kilometer road race course at The Mall venue in front of Buckingham Palace.

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