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Successfully raising a teen is no simple task. It requires time, attention and effort. Plus, parents don't get to know if they've done a good job until their teen is grown. In other words, in order for a parent to feel like they've been successful at raising their teen, they need to feel their teen is successful in their own lives. So, keeping in mind that the reward is in the future, let's explore some parenting teens tips that will help you raise your teen successfully.

Keep your eye on the goal. The goal for every parent is to raise a happy young adult who is capable of having the best that life offers them. We can all agree on that. But that said, it can sometimes seem almost impossible to do. It's true. There are times when things can look bleak while raising a teen. But purposefully remembering the goal - where you tell yourself at least weekly - will help you and your teen through these times. This mantra turns the hard times into more of a 'lesson to be learned' then an 'end-game'. When parents do this, they find it's harder to get bogged down in the pettiness of power struggles with their teens and the tasks of daily life while it gets easier to set smaller goals along their teen's journey of growing up.

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Learn to communicate with your teen. Communication with teens encompasses so much more than just talking to them.

It includes a need for parents to convey their unconditional love of their teen, employ a discipline that works for both the teen and parent, show a teen how to successfully use the world around them and more. Sometimes communication with teens means no communicating. By the time your child is a teen, parents should know body language that points to the fact that something is wrong - or something is right.

But because your child is a teen, they might not share what is wrong or what is wrong may just be the growing pains of the teen years. Parents of teens will be willing to not bug their teen and just keep an ear out for when their teen does want to talk - and an eye out for any trouble.
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Build your teen's confidence and self-esteem. When your raise a confident young adult with a healthy self-esteem, they go on to do things in their lives that bring happiness and joy to themselves and those around them. They are not afraid to achieve or to do the work it takes to achieve their best. You can be less worried about what is going on in your teen's world when they have a strong self-esteem because that means they will be able to make the right choices.

Support your teen's need for individuality. Children need time to become who they will be.

We know people don't just start out being who they are. But parents do have a glimpse and can help guide their teen by supporting their teen's choices in activities, hobbies, and friends. Being available to drive your teen to practice, purchasing art supplies and seeking out opportunities for your teen to develop strong friendships are all things parents, who want to be successful at raising their teen, can do to support their teen's individuality.

Employ fair and firm discipline. Discipline changes as your child grows up and becomes a teenager. But it doesn't stop. Your teen will still need your guidance and discipline. You will still need to say 'no'. You will still need to have consequences in place if your teen refuses to adhere to your family's rules. Basically, fair and firm discipline is you, the parent, creating a discipline plan for your teen that is fair to both of you and sticking to it using a firm and loving approach. When you employ the fair and firm discipline approach your teen will learn the value of doing what is right along with how to take responsibility for their actions. It's a win-win that leads directly to raising your teen successfully.

Teach your teen life skills. Life skills are those abilities you need to make it in the world outside of your family's home. For instance, can your teen cook? Or do they know how to use a bank account? These skills help a teen not only survive, but thrive when they begin to live on their own. Parents need to be aware of the tasks they do for their teens and be sure their teens are capable of successfully doing them too.
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