How to Seize the Next Wave of Possibility

It is natural to have fearful thoughts for your future as your eyesight gets worse. So how can you stay afloat emotionally when you begin to experience a loss of vision and have to keep functioning in a sighted world where, at times, you can feel dumped by huge waves of uncertainty? In fact, some days, you may even feel it is impossible to escape being tossed around like a bobbing bottle, just hoping to be rescued or to land on a safe shore.

From personal experience I can offer you a life-line: hang in there – there are many ways to keep you and your dreams afloat.

To survive the stormy weather brought on by ​a disability depends on your readiness to accept the waves of difficulty that sweep over you, and then on how you will deal with them again next time the challenge comes to throw you off balance.

Don’t let the fact that you have low vision drown your passion for doing those things you love most. You can retrain, relearn, and reset your sight on the possible. What you still retain, no matter how much eyesight you may lose, are your personal talents and the ability to make sound decisions that will help you ride the next wave of opportunity.

For example, on the practical side of adjusting to vision loss, did you know that the Hadley School for the Blind offers a wide range of Distance Education Programs as well as helpful Instructional Videos such as iFocus (to help keep in touch with using iDevices).

You can also gain access to all past Seminars on a large range of topics that are easy to download. The site offers a ‘Web Directory’ which lists other blindness-related organizations by topic so there is a vast ocean of resources out there waiting for you to dive into!

Other Key Strategies

Along with the 3 key strategies mentioned in my previous post, Coping with Vision Loss is Keeping Sight of the Possible, here are 3 more things you can do to catch the next wave of opportunity.

Watch How You Use ‘Self-Talk’

As human beings, we thrive on making meaning of everything that happens on a daily basis. Self-talk is the internal dialog that translates whether we want to see things as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and runs almost non-stop in our head.

Thoughts influence us on a deep level. They govern how we view our relationships, our situations, our options and in short, how we choose to see the world and events that occur in our lives.

They can destroy optimism by being negative and critical, but other thoughts can empower a vision of the possible by nurturing a grateful heart in the midst of difficulty.

I don’t want to sound like a ‘Pollyanna’ here (being naive in approaching a major life challenge such as going blind), but when we become FULLY aware of our thought patterns, we can do something to improve the outcome by shifting our thoughts from hopelessness to hopefulness.

By being mindful, we can really place ourselves in the right place at the right time – with the choices we make.

Face Fear: choose a Vision of the Possible

Face up to the fears that we all have! Only after the effort required to take hold of an opportunity will you see the results working out in your life. When you let go of the thing that is holding you back, life does get easier.

For example, are you a person who jumps right into the refreshing ocean waves or do you like to test the water by stepping in gradually? Both ways are fine because you took control and made a choice. So even if you take a running leap or a gradual step into your life with low vision, the important thing is to keep moving in a direction, to keep seeing your options and setting new goals.

Immerse yourself in the process and you can’t fail to be successful!

Feed Yourself One Skill at a Time

Each of us is on a life’s journey, step by step, challenge by challenge. So many skills and talents are needed to move us to the next level of our growth.

This reminds me of a time when I was concerned that my 4-year-old son was not taking in enough nutrients for healthy development. At one meal time, I was coaxing him to eat a little bit more than a sparrow and asked, “Can’t you just eat one of those little tomatoes?”

Confidently, he replied, “Nope. If I eat THAT I can’t eat THIS bit of mash potato.” He pointed to his little tummy. “This side is empty but this side is full!” He knew what he needed and he was sticking to it. No one was going to persuade him otherwise.

It is the same when you want to seize the  next opportunity in creating possibility in your life: connect to a vision that works best for YOU!

When you can stay connected to those things in life that nurture you the most, your passion will sustain you. Losing your eyesight is a challenge to rebuild your self-confidence so that you can see a new way to seize opportunities and even go one step further, to start creating them!

There is so much to gain when you can share your life and your story, but always keep your vision set within your sense of the possible.

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