How to Solve Hygiene Problems Now!

If hygiene has become a problem, these tips will help

Making showers fun can help solve hygiene problems.
Take your tween's hygiene problems serious, and address them right away. Photo: Dmitry Mayatskyy

During the tween years hygiene becomes a big deal and making sure your tween is practicing good hygiene habits is essential to your child's health and well being. But if your tween isn't cooperating, you'll need to intervene. Your growing child may not yet realize the social importance of good grooming and hygiene. If you're struggling with hygiene problems, the tips below will help. 

How to Solve Tween Hygiene Problems

Make it a Requirement: If your child tends to skip showers after practice or doesn't take them on a regular basis, you might need to make it a requirement.

Tell your tween that daily showers are not optional, and that he must shower after every game or practice. Make television, dessert, or hanging out dependent on his shower, and then follow through when he doesn't cooperate.

Have a Talk: Many tweens just don't realize the importance of good hygiene. Explain that showers, brushing teeth, and wearing clean clothes are social requirements, and that your child's friends, peers, and teachers shouldn't have to suffer because your child isn't willing to take the time to clean up. Sometimes gentle reminders are all that's necessary to encourage your tween to cooperate. 

Look at the Schedule: If your child forgets to shower, brush his teeth, or do his laundry, it might be that he's having trouble managing his time. Help your tween develop a schedule that makes time for everything, including personal grooming. You might even consider making a chart or a daily reminder to help keep your child on target.

Consider downloading an app that will remind your tween that it's time to devote a little energy and time to himself. 

Make it Fun: Make hygiene fun for your tween. Consider buying a shower radio or fun bath products for her bathroom. A basket of soaps, gels, toothpaste, shampoo, and grooming supplies can encourage your child to take the time to look and feel his best.

A new hairbrush, comb and accessories might also encourage your child to take the time to clean up before going out. 

Distract Your Tween: Distraction can also help you encourage your child to follow through on important hygiene practices. Allow your child to watch television while he's flossing his teeth, or fold his clean laundry while he's listening to music. If your child knows how to easily work some of his tasks into his busy life he might be more likely to get them done. 

Set a Good Example: Of course, setting a good example is another way you can encourage your child to embrace good hygiene practices. Be sure you stay on top of your own flossing, before you nag your tween to do his. Be sure you share how refreshing a shower can be after a hectic day, and that it can make you feel better and sleep sounder. 

Consider Potential Problems: If your tween is obviously rejecting good hygiene, there might be an underlying problem you need to address. Try to determine if your child is dealing with something that could be affecting his behavior. Is your tween suffering from depression or stress, is your child going through puberty or dealing with physical issues that might prevent him from wanting to shower?

A little investigative work might help you better assist your tween, and get to the root of the problem. 

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