How to Stick to Your Diet When Tempted

How do you stick to your healthy eating plan when you’re out and about?

How do you stick to your healthy eating plan when you’re out and about?
How do you stick to your healthy eating plan when you’re out and about?.

It’s Saturday evening and you’re on your way to dinner and a movie with friends. A few days ago, you made the decision on to embrace a healthier lifestyle and you committed yourself to a healthy eating plan, your own particular diet, to help you lose 25 pounds by Summer.  You’re committed to reaching your goals but you have no idea what to eat when you’re out and about!

Many of us have the dilemma of how to stay on our diets while we engage in healthy activities like going out to the movies, restaurants, parties, malls, hanging out with friends or any other occasion.

One of the hardest things to do after you’ve decided to eat healthier is to actually start doing it. Formulate a plan to make sure you balance all the various food groups and get the right balance of macronutrients, protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and hydration in order to reach your desired goal.

 Not everyone on a diet is training for a bodybuilding competition but most people have a very difficult time struggling to get rid of body fat. The most effective way to lose the extra pounds is to take on a positive mindset, increase your physical activity and exercise, get enough rest and hydration, and most importantly, eat properly. 

If you’re a person with some type of an active lifestyle and you go out to the movies, what’s the first thing that you smell?  Popcorn! In the past when you walked into the movie theater, you felt like Toucan Sam following his nose straight to the concession stand, ordering a large popcorn and Coca-cola.

Now that you’re mindful of what you eat, you feel like you’re in an old cartoon where the cartoon character walks through the desert and sees a mirage of water, then ends up with a mouth full of sand. The thought of eating something bad for you is so overwhelming that it haunts you. If you’re walking around the mall and you suddenly pick up the delightfully inviting scent of cinnamon buns from 3 levels above, it feels as if someone just walked up to you and kicked you in the stomach.

You’re craving something that you want so badly but your willpower and your commitment to achieving your goal is not going to let that craving overtake you. Nothing is going to get in your way. 

There are easy ways to help adjust to a lifestyle of healthy eating without having to sit in your kitchen, eating tuna fish out a can, living like a hermit for a couple of months until you reach your goal. So how do you do it?

Let’s say you’re going to the movies. It’s a great idea to pre-empt your craving for popcorn and to prepare in advance. You can air pop healthy popcorn and bring it in a bag with you. You can add salt-free seasoning or something natural to give it more flavor without the unnecessary preservatives, excessive salt and empty calories in movie theater popcorn. It’s not going to be as good as the real thing but at least you can still go through the same habits and rituals in front of the big screen, like reaching into the bag and grabbing popcorn. Stay away from the candies, sugary beverages and diet drinks as the added sugars and sweeteners spike your sugar levels only to leave you with insatiable sugar cravings a few hours later.  Opt for water or seltzer to satisfy your thirst.

Even though you’re watching what you eat, you shouldn’t have to live life like you’re in prison. You can treat yourself once in a while by having a cheat meal no more than once a week as it can help your weight loss journey going by spiking your metabolism to prevent it from forming a baseline. 

If you’re out at a restaurant or at a party, you start to worry as you realize everything on the menu is smothered in butter, oil, cream or salt. The best thing to do is to order grilled chicken or fish and steamed vegetables. Even if it’s not on the menu, chances are that the restaurant can make it for you.

Most restaurants have a grill and they have chicken, therefore they could make you grilled chicken. They could lightly sauté or steam broccoli, spinach, broccoli rabe, string beans or any other vegetables they have. You can also ask for brown rice or a baked sweet potato as a side dish, of another vegetable to take its place.  

A great way to curb your appetite when you’re out and about is to keep drinking pure water. Most of us walk around slightly dehydrated all the time. Dehydration fools your appetite, making you think that you’re hungry when you’re really just thirsty for water. Drinking enough water also helps you feel full so you won’t overeat. 

We must accept the fact that temptation is everywhere and it relentlessly haunts us as we change our lifestyles for the better. Temptation begs you to give in whether you’re sitting on your couch or in a fancy restaurant, but your willpower is your best weapon. What you do in the face of temptation is what defines you.  Focus on the goals which you’ve fully committed yourself to. Temptation becomes powerless in the face of a burning desire to achieve your goals.   

About the Author - Jay Cardiello is a Health Strategist, Celebrity Trainer and author of the No Diet Plan. For fit tips, news and recipes, check out Jay's website at


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