How To Teach Your Teen Son to Shave

Mature man and son shaving, side view
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When boys begin to develop hair on their face, they will have the need to begin shaving as part of their hygiene routine. Your teen son can start shaving his face as soon as the hair bothers you or him. While he will not have to shave his whole face probably for the first year, he can practice if he wishes.

Help Get Him Started Shaving

  1. Purchase all of the products he will need and a shaving kit to hold it all in. Set the expectation that this is where all of his shaving items should be kept.
  1. Show your teen son how to wet his face, lather up his shaving cream and apply it. Check the lather on his face so that he learns not to use too much or too little. Let him practice this one or two times.
  2. Demonstrate to him how to hold the razor in his dominate hand and how the head on the razor is applied to the skin on his face with some pressure, but not too much. Allow your son to hold the razor and practice applying it to his face.
  3. There are different opinions whether to go with the grain of you hair or against. Starting out, your son should go the direction his hair grows – with the grain. To get a really close shave, go against the grain of the hair. Shave for a half an inch, rinse the razor and repeat until the entire face is finished. Again, when your son first begins to shave, it will most likely be some stray hairs on his chin and upper lip and the hair will be thinner. As it get more coarse and his beard thickens, he will need to do the whole process and repeat it every 1 to 3 days.
  1. Last, but not least, show your teenage son how to wipe up the hair and swipe the sink clean after he is done. This step should become part of his shaving habit.

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