How to Train to Walk a Marathon From Start to Finish

Training for and Walking a Marathon

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Walking a marathon is the goal of a growing number of walkers. Many marathons are expanding their time limits to become walker-friendly, and several events have been developed as walker-only marathons.

Is there are marathon finish line in your future? There are many reasons to walk a marathon and most healthy people can do it if they dedicate themselves to a training schedule and give themselves at least nine months of lead time to prepare.

We'll explore:

Marathon Walk Training

  • Shoes for the Marathon: You may need more cushioning for the long distance and you need to ensure you have the right kind of shoes.
  • Base Mileage: Are you walking enough to begin serious training? First build up your base mileage.
  • Marathon Mileage-Building Schedule: Once you are walking regularly, you can use this 19-week schedule to increase your long distance mileage and build your speed and aerobic capacity.
  • The Month Before Your Marathon: The final month includes your longest walk, final shakedown of your clothing, hydration and energy snacking, and then the taper.
  • Tapering Before Your Marathon: After your longest training walk, you need to cut back for two weeks before the marathon. Here's why.
  • The Week Before Your Marathon: It's almost go-time. Here's how to be prepared.

    Strategy for Walking a Marathon

    Planning For Race Day Weather

    Marathon Race Day

    After the Marathon

    Finding the Right Marathon

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