How to Train to Walk a Marathon From Start to Finish

Training for and Walking a Marathon

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Walking a marathon is the goal of a growing number of walkers. Many marathons are expanding their time limits to become walker-friendly, and several events have been developed as walker-only marathons.

Is there are marathon finish line in your future? There are many reasons to walk a marathon and most healthy people can do it if they dedicate themselves to a training schedule and give themselves at least nine months of lead time to prepare.

We'll explore:

Marathon Walk Training

  • Shoes for the Marathon: You may need more cushioning for the long distance and you need to ensure you have the right kind of shoes.
  • Base Mileage: Are you walking enough to begin serious training? First build up your base mileage.
  • Marathon Mileage-Building Schedule: Once you are walking regularly, you can use this 19-week schedule to increase your long distance mileage and build your speed and aerobic capacity.
  • The Month Before Your Marathon: The final month includes your longest walk, final shakedown of your clothing, hydration and energy snacking, and then the taper.
  • Tapering Before Your Marathon: After your longest training walk, you need to cut back for two weeks before the marathon. Here's why.
  • The Week Before Your Marathon: It's almost go-time. Here's how to be prepared as you near the big day, especially if you are going to be traveling to the race.

    Strategy for Walking a Marathon

    Planning For Race Day Weather

    • Tips for Rainy Marathons: What to do when race day is going to be wet. You need tactics to keep comfortable for the hours on the course.
    • Tips for Night Marathons: It can be fun to race at night, but you'll need to think about visibility and being able to see road hazards, plus the changing temperature.

    Marathon Race Day

    After the Marathon

    • Post-Race Blues: It felt so good to finish, but now you're almost grieving, What's up?

    Finding the Right Marathon

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