How to Train Yourself to Be More Outgoing

Young girl smiling.
Smiles show that you are warm and friendly. Getty / Inti St Clair

Being outgoing isn't a born talent that only extroverted people have. It's a skill that can be developed by anyone. You can switch it off whenever you like.

One day you might be feeling outgoing, the next you might not be, and that's perfectly fine.

Let's start with the basics.

You need to be comfortable putting yourself out there, hence "OUT" going. You need to be genuinely interested in people.

Introduce yourself to people

If you're confident in yourself, you'll find no problems in doing this, but what if you're not and you're naturally a shy or socially anxious person?

You need to be ready to change. In other words, you need to be tired of feeling anxious to the point that you want to make a change. You need to be willing to make a change in order for things to get better. This will give you the power and motivation to push yourself  and try out new things.

Smiling is imperative

Smile at people when you look at them. This will be your main method of attracting people.

In your own experience, when someone has smiled at you, have you ever thought negatively of that person?

People who smile come across as more interesting. A smile suggests that you're approachable, easy-going, and happy. Who doesn't want to be with a happy person?

A smile speaks all languages and will make you and the other person feel good.

Compliment people

Make them feel good about themselves. However, it is important that the compliment is genuine and sincere. Complimenting people will make them want to spend time with you again.

Asking questions about people is the next step

It's important that you listen to them as well. Some of the best conversations people have are often when they are asked about themselves. People LOVE talking about themselves. They find it interesting when another person is curious about finding out about them.

After asking a person about themselves, respond with stating your views and your opinions.

Having an opinion makes you more interesting. You will stand out in comparison to someone who goes with the flow. People like to have healthy debates with each other.

Final Thoughts

If you're still very socially anxious about approaching strangers, then the best option is to help people. It virtually guarantees that you'll get a positive response.

Finally, learn to be comfortable around people on your own time. At some point, you will want to loosen up and show others your true colors. You might not do this at first, but eventually, you might become comfortable enough to share more of yourself.

When you start to be yourself around people, they will be automatically attracted and drawn to you.

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