Best Facebook Groups for Fitness, Workouts, and Exercise Motivation

How to Use Facebook Groups for Fitness

Facebook Fitness
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Facebook, believe it or not, is useful for more than checking out pictures of your best friend's new baby. In fact, with more than 1 billion active monthly users, Facebook could be one of the most prolific ways to get interactive advice and support from fitness buffs around the world.

The only catch? If your closest Facebook friends aren't exactly the green juice and gym types, it can be tough to know who to turn to or whose advice to take when it comes to matters of health. That's where Facebook Groups come in. These groups are more like old-school internet forums, where (almost) anyone can participate, ask questions, and receive answers, often from experts, as well as other "in the trenches" fitness enthusiasts.

Check out some of the most popular fitness-related Facebook groups on the social platform, and start joining those that suit your interests. Just remember to take all online advice with a grain of salt. Unless you can verify an expert as a true expert, remember that reading something on the Internet doesn't necessarily make it true.

Facebook Groups for General Fitness

General Fitness Facebook Groups
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If you're not invested in a particular type of fitness, such as cycling or CrossFit, then a general fitness group is a great place to start. Get involved by asking questions or commenting on the articles or posts shared by others. In large groups it can sometimes feel tough to find your footing and be heard—give it time—as the old adage goes, you'll get out what you put in.

Facebook Groups for Weight Loss

Facebook Groups Weight Loss
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If weight loss is your goal, Facebook Groups (particularly those that are well-managed by moderators), are a great place to find support. Just be wary of spammy posts that are selling cleanses or other diets—many moderators try to delete these posts as they're added, but it can be tough to keep up!

Facebook Groups for Endurance Sports

Facebook Endurance Groups
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Runners, cyclists, and triathletes—you're a special breed of fitness enthusiast, which means you need to seek out groups of like-minded athletes. Facebook's endurance sports groups are an excellent place to ask questions specific to training, nutrition, and the dreaded taper. Here are just a few of the most popular endurance sports groups:

Keep in mind that many regional endurance sports clubs also have Facebook Groups. For instance, if you live in Dallas, TX, you might want to join the Dallas / Ft. Worth Triathlon Club group, rather than a general group. If you know your city or region has a sports club geared to your sport, check their website for information on private Facebook Groups.

Facebook Groups for Outdoor Activities

Facebook Groups Outdoors
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It's not just health nuts and gym rats who use Facebook groups. In fact, Facebook might be one of the best places for outdoor enthusiasts to connect, since hiking, climbing, and backpacking are enjoyed the world over and often have a lower barrier to entry than sports that require extensive equipment to join.

As with endurance sports, outdoor activities frequently have regional Facebook groups to help organize local events. In addition to these larger, public groups, search for groups specific to your location.

Facebook Groups for Group Fitness and Specialty Classes

Facebook Groups Specialty Fitness
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If you're a diehard yogi, a CrossFit maniac or a Pilates fanatic, you need to find groups of similarly-addicted exercisers. Try using Facebook's search to seek out groups specific to your favorite activity or studio, but these groups are a good place to start:

Regional Facebook Fitness Groups

Regional Facebook Fitness Groups
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There are literally thousands upon thousands of Facebook groups specific to a location, a type of exercise, or a specific studio. If you're looking to connect with people in real life, in addition to online, use Facebook's search function to find the best group for you. For instance, by searching "Austin Fitness," then selecting "Groups" from the options bar across the top of the search page, we found groups for everything from Austin Fitness Competitors to Austin Nerd Fitness Adventures.

A few of the most popular regional fitness groups on Facebook include:

Facebook Groups for Fitness Instructors

Facebook Groups Fitness Instructors
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There are also a lot of instructor- and owner-only Groups that act as fabulous resources for those who have decided to make a living through fitness. If you're an instructor, simply search Facebook Groups for your certification or specialty. A few of the most popular groups include:

A Word From Verywell

While Facebook Groups are one way to connect with like-minded individuals, it's easy to get sucked into the "vacuum" of social media. Remember that while general advice from your Internet friends can be helpful, it's hard to replace the value of individualized coaching or training. If you have very specific goals you hope to achieve, it's always a good idea to seek out a professional in your area. 

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