How To Use The Female Condom

The female condom has several advantages over the male condom. It's use is controlled by the woman, and it covers more surface area. This allows it to protect more thoroughly against STDs that are spread through skin-to-skin contact. It can also be inserted earlier on during foreplay, or even up to 8 hours before you have sex, since it doesn't require an erect penis to use. However, it can be a bit intimidating to figure out how to use the female condom the first time.

Here's what you need to do:

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 5 Minutes

Here's How:

  1. Check the expiration date on the condom, and open the package.
  2. Unroll the condom and find the ring on the closed end.
  3. Find a comfortable position, such as squatting, sitting on the toilet, lying down, or standing with one leg raised. Squeeze the ring (on the closed end) together with your thumb and middle finger, and insert that end of the condom into your vagina.
  4. Put your index or middle finger into the condom, and push the ring you've inserted as far into your vagina as it will go. The ring at the open end should remain outside of the vagina.
  5. Make certain that the condom isn't twisted inside the vagina.
  6. During intercourse, guide the penis into the outside, open ring of the condom. (If the outer ring slips into the vagina during intercourse, you should remove the female condom and replace it with a new one.)
  7. After intercourse, twist the outside end of the condom gently to close it off and hold in the semen. Gently pull the condom from the body.
  1. Wrap the twisted condom in some tissue, or the package it came in, and throw it away in a garbage can. Do not flush the female condom.


  1. Using the female condom properly requires the cooperation of both partners. During penetration, it is important for the man to make certain that he is inserting his penis into the condom, as opposed to outside of it.
  1. Putting lubricant both inside and outside the condom can make the experience more pleasurable. It is safe to use oil-based lubricants with these condoms, unlike with latex condoms.
  2. The female condom can be inserted early during foreplay and does not need to be removed immediately after intercourse. This can provide extra flexibility during sexual play.
  3. Do not use the female condom with a male condom. The friction between the two condoms can cause one or both of them to tear.
  4. The female condom is made of polyurethane or nitrile, not latex. Therefore it can be used by people with latex allergies.

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