How To Use The Law of Attraction For A Better Life?

"Law of Attraction" Do's and Don'ts

The law of attraction can help relieve stress.
The law of attraction can be powerful. Here's why. Libertad Leal Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Some see the Law of Attraction as a fad, and some see it as a law of nature that has been known for centuries, and has always been in effect. While there’s some dispute over how and why it works, it’s simple, and there’s anecdotal and even some scientific evidence that it does work in some ways. (Read this article for more information on the Law of Attraction.) However, it may not work in the ways that some people think, and can even create additional stress in some cases.


How The Law of Attraction Works

There are may different perspectives on how, exactly, the Law of Attraction works, but there are certain effects of this "law" that most people can agree on.  For example, what you focus on becomes your reality, whether you are "attracting" this into your life, or are simply creating a perspective that becomes the only "reality" you focus on.  For example, if you’re focusing on desperate feelings of “needing money”, you may "manifest" a sense of lack in your life, or you may react from a place of desperation and drive away certain opportunities, which reinforces the need for money.  There is also evidence that negative mood states can cause people to notice fewer opportunities and become less proactive, a phenomenon studied by researcher Barbara Fredrickson as part of her "broaden and build" theory.  (Read more about the research that links mood and circumstances here.)  There is other evidence showing that repeated experiences of failure can lead to a state of "learned helplessness," where people are less willing to attempt to make their situation better, even if opportunities are clearly apparent.

 Either way, the panic over needing money can create stress and sometimes make the situation worse.  

How To Use The Law of Attraction

To achieve more abundance, you should focus more of your attention on developing the belief that you will make more money and be out of debt soon, or that you will improve your circumstances in other ways.

Visualize the money coming in, believe that it will, and you will see opportunities opening up for you. (Read this article on using the Law of Attraction for positive change for more on this process.)

You can also focus on your strengths, and remind yourself of times when you were successful in various areas of life, and what you did to make things happen for yourself.  This not only builds confidence, but it can help you remember solutions that have worked in the past, or connections to others who may be able to help you now.

You should also focus on activities that make you feel good, including indulging in life's pleasures and accomplishing things, also known as "gratifications."  This can lift your mood and broaden your perspective, as well as relieving stress.  It can free you up from a limiting, negative perspective and empower you.

What To Avoid

Finally, you should avoid blaming yourself when things don't go right.  Your explanatory style can go a long way in maximizing or minimizing stress, and blaming yourself too heavily for things that go wrong in your life can have a far-reaching negative effect on your life in general.  It can also keep you from maximizing your potential.

If you focus your attention on “having enough”, using tools like positive affirmations and gratitude, you should start seeing the results you’re looking for.

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