How Tweens Benefit from Reading

Reading offers numerous benefits, here's just a few

The benefits of reading carry through for a lifetime.

Just about every parent knows that reading is beneficial to children of all ages. While you may have read stories to your child when he was younger, it's quite possible that your tween no longer begs for story time, and he may have replaced his books with game consuls and tablets. But you shouldn't let your tween abandon reading for pleasure all together. The benefits he'll reap from jumping into a good book are almost too many to mention, but a few of them are listed below.

An Active Imagination and Escapism

Reading gives your child the opportunity to explore new countries, cultures, and people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences -- some of them real but many of them fictional. It doesn't matter if your child reads historical novels, science fiction, or classic literature, she will develop her imagination and make discoveries about her own world and experiences, all with the help of a few books.

Children who have trouble socially may also find that reading gives them the opportunity to escape from their own anxieties and problems for a little while and that can help a child prepare herself to work through challenges. By giving your child a safe place to explore, reading offers a tween with concerns the space and time to gather herself together, regroup, and maybe even de-stress after a hectic or disappointing day.

An Impressive Vocabulary

Reading offers your child the chance to learn new words and expand her vocabulary and even improve her own writing skills.

You can encourage your child to expand her skills by challenging her to find 10 words she doesn't know from every book she reads. Have her look up the meanings and use them in sentences of her own. 


Reading a book takes time and patience, another benefit to encouraging your child to pick up a book.

Unlike movies that are wrapped up in an hour or two, a good book may take days to work through, giving your child the chance to learn how to wait for the ending.

New Ideas and Concepts

Books will expose your tween to more than cultures and characters. Through reading your child will learn about new ideas and concepts that never occurred to him. By living through characters and their stories, your tween will see how problems are solved, avoided, and the consequences characters endure because of their actions. Critical thinking skills will develop over time, and help your tween grow into a teen and eventually a young adult.

Better Grades and Test Scores

It's known that children who read regularly tend to score higher on tests and receive higher grades than their peers. While reading is a benefit all its own, it doesn't hurt to know that it also gives your child a leg up in school. Encourage reading by making it a priority of your own. Visit your local library together or try to find a book you both can read and then discuss together.

Or, make a reading list of books you love for your tween and have your tween make a reading list for you.

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