How Tweens Use Technology

Tweens use technology in a variety of ways, here are just a few

Today's tweens and teens use technology for amusement, socializing and school.
Technology is used to help tweens keep in contact with friends and do research for school projects and homework. Photo: Junior Gomes,

Technology is a part of everyday life for just about everyone, but tweens and teens are especially reliant on technology and find interesting ways to use technology in just about everything they do. Today's tweens and teens average about four and half hours of screen time a day. Here's how they are spending that time and how they use technology everyday. 

Technology and Tweens

For Amusement: About 62 percent of tweens say they watch TV everyday, and 73 percent say listening to music is their primary source of entertainment.

Either way, tweens and teens are likely using technology to do both, either on their phones, tablets, or through more traditional forms of technology including televisions and computers. 

For Homework: It's rare for tweens to turn to the local library when it comes time to do research for a school paper or project. Today's students turn to Google and other search engines to help them find what they need to complete projects and other homework assignments. Youtube is another popular destination for tweens looking to find tutorials in math, foreign language, science and other subjects. Students may also use their tablets, phones and home computers to reach out to fellow students, teachers or to check teacher blogs and websites for information and help, or to check their grades, school absences or class schedules

To Stay Connected with Their Friends: Social media is popular with tweens and teens but the way they use social media can be very different from other generations.

Tweens tend to favor using Snapchat and Instagram, rather than Facebook, which is often used by parents and older users of social media. Twitter is also popular with adolescents. While many tweens use social media everyday, they may not spend as much time on it as their parents think they do. Social media is often used to check in with friends, to see what folks are doing and saying about each other, and to stay in the loop on their peer groups.


To Relax: For many tweens technology gives them a chance to relax without really doing much of anything. Tweens may scroll through Twitter or Pinterest just to see if there's anything interesting to see. They may log into Youtube to check out their favorite channels, or find a favorite movie or television show to watch. While too much screen time is never a good idea, a little time online or time spent playing a video game may be just what your child needs to relax. 

To Play Video Games: Video games are as popular with tweens and teens as they have ever been, with many of them playing just about everyday. For many tweens and teens video games can be a relaxing part of the day, and a time to regroup from a long day at school. But it's important that parents make sure that screen time isn't abused, and if necessary, limits on video game screen time can be a good idea. 

To Read: Younger readers use their phones and tablets to read their favorite books and stories. Kindles, iPads and other devices help students read a page or two here and there when they have a few moments to spare, such as while they are riding the bus, or waiting for practice to begin.


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