HoZer Levitation System Removes CPAP Tubing from the Bed

Keep From Getting Tangled Up By Suspending the Tube Above You in Bed

Pictured are the ResMed ClimateLine and Respironics System One Heated Tube for use with CPAP. Brandon Peters, M.D.

If you use continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) to treat your sleep apnea, you may be interested in exploring an option to get the CPAP tubing out of your bed. Whether you are tired of becoming entangled in the hose at night, or you simply want to reduce leak that occurs as the mask shifts, the HoZer Levitation System may be an attractive option to consider.

What Is the HoZer Levitation System?

The HoZer Levitation System is an adjustable rod attached to a stand that suspends CPAP tubing above the bed to reduce entanglement during sleep. It functions with all standard tube sizes, including heated tubing. Depending on the length of the tubing you use, you can adjust the length of the rod by using two or three sections. It is made of durable materials, much like a modern fishing rod. The Hozer is available for purchase from some durable medical equipment suppliers and can also be found through online retailers for $49.95.

How Does HoZer Help?

HoZer may be especially helpful if you are a restless sleeper or if leak from your shifting CPAP mask is disruptive to you or your bed partner. By suspending the tubing above the bed, you will be able to turn more easily. It is stabilized by securely placing the base of the framework under your mattress. As a result, you should become less wrapped up in the hose if you change sleep positions a lot at night.

This may also reduce mask shift and leak, which might help to improve your overall compliance to CPAP.

Are There Alternatives to the Hozer Levitation System?

The HoZer is a unique solution to a common problem experienced with the use of CPAP to treat sleep apnea. Though it is relatively inexpensive, it is not likely to be covered by insurance.

Fortunately, there are a few other inexpensive alternatives available that could be equally effective.

Some CPAP users find it helpful to simply tuck the tubing under the arm while falling asleep. Then, when normal turning occurs at night, the tube is likely to more easily move with you. Alternatively, the CPAP tubing can be hung from the headboard, bedpost, or nearby furniture to suspend it above you.

If you struggle and become entangled in CPAP tubing during the night, the HoZer may be the solution that you need to sleep better.

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