HypothyroidMom: An Interview With Dana Trentini

An Interview With Dana Trentini, HypothyroidMom's Founder

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In October of 2012, Dana Trentini launched a new blog, called "HypothyroidMom." Dana has been doing terrific advocacy work, researching and writing helpful articles, and helping get the word out about the connections between thyroid disease and fertility, miscarriage, and pregnancy problems. In several years, HypothyroidMom has grown to hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans, and a loyal following. I had this opportunity to do this Q&A with Dana to learn more about her blog.

Mary Shomon: How did you decide to create your "HypothyroidMom" blog?

Dana Trentini: I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism following the birth of my first son in 2006. I trusted my doctors and followed their thyroid drug protocol to the letter, never once thinking they might not know everything there was to know about hypothyroidism. I trusted them as the experts especially when I became pregnant again in late 2008.

In my first trimester, I was overcome by a sick, tired, weak feeling. I recall vividly the night I felt so ill and said "I am worried that something is wrong with the baby." My body was whispering a warning to me, but I trusted my doctors when they responded that it was normal to be tired in the first trimester and not to worry. Somehow this "sick, tired, weak" feeling didn't seem normal, yet I trusted my doctors.

I would later learn that my Ivy League medical school trained and top awarded NYC doctors did not know enough about hypothyroidism, especially the dangers of hypothyroidism and pregnancy.

Under their care, my TSH soared far above the safe range for pregnancy endangering the life of my fetus, and I miscarried.

As the medical staff prepared me for my D&C, the warrior mom came out of me. I vowed to research everything there was to know about hypothyroidism and to warn women everywhere about the dangers.

I fulfilled my vow when I launched my blog Hypothyroid Mom.

Mary Shomon: What are you hoping to accomplish with this blog?

Dana Trentini: The mission of Hypothyroid Mom is to build awareness. For over three years since my miscarriage, I have been on a mission to research everything there is to know about this disease. I have discovered scientific research that reveals the dangers of hypothyroidism in pregnancy including miscarriage, still birth, infertility, maternal anemia, pre-eclampsia, placental abruption, postpartum hemorrhage, premature delivery, low birth weight, and deficits in intellectual development in infants.

The literature also links an underactive thyroid to heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, gall bladder disease, mental disorders, cancer and Alzheimer's. Despite the research connecting hypothyroidism to many of the deadliest diseases of our time, the lack of awareness is pervasive. This has to change.

Mary Shomon: What is the most surprising thing to you about becoming a thyroid patient advocate?

Dana Trentini:I am most surprised by how much support I have received from thyroid followers around the world. In my dreams, I hoped my blog would reach a few readers outside of my family, but never did I imagine the number of people that it would reach in such a short time.

I am deeply touched. I have envisioned this blog for three years since the miscarriage of my baby due to my insufficiently treated hypothyroidism. It is very emotional for me to see the response this blog is receiving. I can't say in words how much I appreciate all the support. I believe that my lost baby has been given a voice in this blog.

Mary, I am touched that you would consider interviewing me here. When I was at my lowest point with severe symptoms of hypothyroidism after my miscarriage, it was sites like yours that let me know I was not alone. I came across your book Living Well With Hypothyroidism: What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You…That You Need To Know and knew there was hope.

Thyroid coaching services with you changed my life. It is a dream for me to be included here on your site. Thank you.

You have created a thyroid movement with thyroid sufferers around the world coming together to demand better care. It is amazing. With every new follower on Twitter @HypothyroidMom, every new "like" on the Hypothyroid Mom Facebook page, and every new comment on my HypothyroidMom blog, I am convinced a thyroid revolution has begun.

Mary Shomon: What is the biggest frustration you hope to address with your blog and your advocacy?

Dana Trentini: The mainstream medical protocol for diagnosing and treating thyroid dysfunction leaves thyroid sufferers undiagnosed, unrecognized and improperly treated. This is a tragedy. Readers from around the world have contacted me with stories that make me want to scream.

They tell of doctors that strictly treat the lab numbers and ignore the person's symptoms and physical signs, doctors that rely strictly on TSH as the gold standard for thyroid dysfunction, doctors that refuse to test for Free T3, Reverse T3 and thyroid antibodies, doctors that will only prescribe T4-only medications like levothyroxine even though their patients are suffering debilitating symptoms on these drugs, doctors that refuse to try natural desiccated thyroid for those patients not responding well to T4 only drugs. They are also dealing with doctors who have no idea that their patient's high cholesterol, abnormal blood pressure, depression, bipolar disorder, diabetes, chronic infections, kidney disease, liver disease, gallbladder disease, and other conditions may, in fact, be due to an undiagnosed or improperly managed thyroid problem.

Mary Shomon: What do you want readers to know about HypothyroidMom?

Dana Trentini: My blog Hypothyroid Mom is written in memory of the baby I lost to hypothyroidism and in dedication to my two boys who beat the odds and made it to the world. Many of us have struggled an uphill battle for proper diagnosis and treatment. I am committed to raising awareness about hypothyroidism for us, but I am compelled to do it for our children. I will fight like a warrior to be sure our children do not suffer the same fate as us.

You can find Dana Trentini's site at http://hypothyroidmom.com/.com, and you can find her on Facebook and also on Twitter at @hypothyroidmom. Dana is also the co-author with Mary Shomon of a book published in 2016 called Your Healthy Pregnancy with Thyroid Disease: A Guide to Fertility, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Wellness.