Hytail Hat - Review

If You Have a Ponytail, You'll Love This Hat for Walking

Hytail Hat
Hytail Hat. AD Activewear

The Hytail Hat from AD Activewear solves several problems of wearing a baseball-type hat for walking and running. You want a bill to shield your face from the sun, but many of us need to accommodate a ponytail as well as keeping sweat under control.

High and Tall Ponytail Hole

If you have a ponytail, you know how essential it is for your hat to have a ponytail hole. Even if it does, it may be too small of a hole or positioned too close to the band.

Those of us who wear a high ponytail don't like to have to adopt a whole new hairstyle just to accommodate our hat's ponytail hole.

The Hytail hat, as you may have guessed by the name, has a much taller ponytail hole.  Your don't have to change your hair to wear this hat. More: Hat Hair - Workout Hairstyles

No Hair Pulling Velcro or Buckle

I've left a lot of hair in the velcro (hook and loop) closures of hats. CSI would have no trouble finding my evidence if my hat were left at a crime scene. The Hytail hat doesn't use hook and loop or a buckle closure. Instead, the hat has a 2-inch elastic band that will keep it on your head without adjustment.

Elastic Band to Keep Your Neck Cool

The wide elastic band is also useful to keep your hair off of the back of your neck. I no longer have hair long enough for a ponytail or braid, but I loved the Hytail hat's wide elastic band for lifting my hair up to the ponytail hole and keeping my neck cooler.

Sweatband Built-In

The Athletic Hytail has a sweatband that extends from front back to the elastic at the ponytail hole. This is a welcome feature that can help keep sweat off your face.

Wind Resistance

I have a slightly larger head yet the elastic on the Small/Medium size (55 cm) was very comfortable.

The wide elastic band kept the hat on my head through an hour walk with strong wind gusts. I was very impressed with how great this hat works in the wind. If you have a smaller head it may not work as well for you. I was also pleased that the elastic did not feel too tight, which has been a problem for me with some hats and headbands. The Medium/Large size is 57 cm and felt good, but wouldn't have had the same wind resistance for me.

Long Brim to Shade Your Face

The 3-inch brim provides sun protection for your face. It is also designed to allow you to wear big sunglasses comfortably.

Crush-proof Mesh Top

The Athletic Hytail is made of mesh. It shades the top of the head but allows air to cool your head and evaporate sweat. That is my preference for a walking and running hat. The mesh top made it easy to fold it all up under the brim when packing it. I could stash the hat in my pack or purse to take it along, and then when I wanted to wear it, I could unfold it and it was wrinkle-free.


The Hytail comes in black, white and pink. They also have Breast Cancer Fundraiser hats with the pink ribbon logo, designed to support that charity.

Bottom Line on the Hytail Hat

I was delighted with the Hytail hat, it works great for any hairstyle and is easy to take along and wear on my walks.

I consider a hat to be a walking essential - I never walk without one.

Where to Buy the Hytail Hat

You can find the Hytail hat at online retailers. You can also see it at the manufacturer's site, ADActivewear.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. 

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