Teen Birthday Part Games: "I Challenge You To..."

Who Can Meet the Most Challenges?

Teenage girls at a slumber party.
Teenage girls at a slumber party. Jupiterimages/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Finding a fun and easy game for teens to play at birthday parties can be a challenge because every group and party is unique. This "I Challenge You To..." game is perfect for both indoor and outdoor parties and the kids will have a great time challenging each other.

What is 'I Challenge You To...'?

This is, essentially, a game of challenges between players. It can be played with any number of players and kids of any age.

The versatility of this game is what makes it perfect for a birthday party or anytime parents need to keep a group of kids entertained for awhile.

  • Play for an hour at an indoor birthday party or when the bad weather suddenly forces everyone inside.
  • Stretch the game out over a weekend campout, letting each player challenge the group once a day.
  • Get the game started at the beginning of a slumber party and let the girls play all night long as other activities take place.

Create a Prize

It is always fun to offer a prize to the winner of a game. In this instance, the winner is the teen who passes the most challenges. Given the loose rules of the game, there could be more than one winner.

Be prepared with a fun prize for a few of the kids, just in case there are multiple winners. Also, the prize might even be the honor of challenging an adult (that's you!) to something silly.​​

Things You Will Need

The other great thing about this game is that you really don't have to gather a bunch of supplies unless you want to.

For the most part, the teens will come up with their own challenges like somersaulting across the lawn or standing on one foot for 2 minutes while someone tickles the other foot. They may also think of a clever riddle or a complex math problem.

You can, however, add to the excitement and give the group a few items that can be used in challenges.

How to Play "I Challenge You To.."

  1. A player thinks of a challenge - like doing a cartwheel.
  2. The other players try to complete the challenge.
  3. The object is to complete the most challenges.

Challenges can be anything, from active stunts to math word problems. Challenges can be directed toward an individual or the entire group.

Keep It Clean

Depending on the group of teens you have at the party, you may need to add a reminder to keep the game "clean." Teenagers are a creative bunch and there is potential for some unsavory challenges here.

The last thing you want is for teens to challenge each other to anything that will harm themselves, cause extreme embarrassment or send them home looking different than they came. That "I challenge you to shave your head," may not go over well with their parents.

Make sure there are some rules and be ready to interject the "New Challenge!" call as the party's referee.

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