Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Fun (and delicious), this simple projects is great for preschoolers

edible christmas tree craft
This easy Christmas tree craft was made (and eventually eaten!) by a preschooler!. Abby Rock

This easy ice cream cone Christmas tree craft is not only fun and easy to make, but it's edible too! It also makes for a fun gift for a close friend, relative or teacher; or, if you are hosting Christmas celebrations at your house, these trees can act as cute and unique place cards (especially if you are serving dessert! Or, set up a bunch in the the middle of your table as a Christmas tree lot centerpiece!

Why make crafts in the middle of what for some families is one of the most frenzied time of the year? It is very possible that your preschooler may need a break from the madness of the holidays. Sure, the holiday season is a lot of fun, but all that activity can also be stressful for little one (you too!) Just because you are all having a wonderful time, the holiday season has a way of unsetting routines -- something that young children need and crave. If you have a few minutes, sit down with your little one and do a quiet activity -- read a book, take a nap, or explore your child's creative side and make some festive Christmas crafts either for your own home or to give as gifts to friends and family. 

Any time you make any type of craft with your preschooler, make sure you have all of your directions and supplies set up ahead of time. Doing this saves both of you stress -- your preschooler won't have to wait and you won't have to keep fielding questions about when you are going to get started!

And for this craft in particular, you want to make sure you have a smock of some kind to cover your preschooler, as well as a tablecloth that can get dirty for the table and maybe even a drop cloth for the floor. Also, when you are finished, make sure to involve your little one in the clean up process.

Cleaning up after doing something is an important lessons for kids to learn and it's a good idea to set that example early. 

The great thing about this craft is not only is it super easy, there is no "wrong" way to do it. Let your preschooler have at it any way she wishes. (Also fun? Eating all the Christmas tree "trimmings" while you create!)

Easy Christmas Tree Craft
What you need:

  • Ice cream sugar cones -- one cone for each tree you will be making. If you plan on making a Christmas tree lot, see if you can get cones in different sizes
  • Green cake frosting or, white cake icing dyed green with either green or yellow and blue food coloring
  • Assorted candies -- good ones to use include red licorice strings or gummy worms (for the garland), round candies such as M&Ms or Reese's Pieces, shredded coconut (for the tinsel and for the decorative snow once the trees are made), gum drops, mini marshmallows, star-shaped candies (for the top of the tree), colored or chocolate sprinkles, square shaped candies such as Starbursts (to serve as presents!).

Get crafting!:
Take the sugar cone and turn it upside down on a paper plate. Using a butter knife, have your preschooler cover it with a thick layer of the green frosting.

Before the frosting has a chance to dry, decorate the tree with your collection of assorted ornaments. Once you are finished, put your tree or trees on a festive plate and surround with shredded white coconut "snow." Don't forget to surround your Christmas tree with plenty of presents from Santa Claus!

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