Ideas for a Valentine's Day Party for Tweens

Make Valentine's Day memorable with a fun get together

A Valentine's Day party should include goody bags, and lots of fun Valentine's candy.
A Valentine's Day party gives your tween something to celebrate during the long winter months. Photo: Tracy Stansel,

Valentine's Day only comes around once a year, so there's no reason not to enjoy the annual tradition. A Valentine's Day Party for your tween and his or her friends is easy to pull-off, and you don't have to spend a lot of money.

Below are a few things to consider when planning a Valentine's Day Party for preteens. Decide the details together, and enjoy the celebration of love.

Planning a Valentine's Day Party for Kids

The Invitations

There's no reason to purchase invitations when you can make your own.

Pink, red and white construction paper, glue, and scissors are all you need to make heart-shaped invitations. Or, cut a heart shape out of a sponge and use it as a stencil. Just dab the sponge into tempera paint and carefully imprint the front of a blank note card. Once it's dry, write the Valentine's Day Party information on the inside of the card.

Decorations for a Valentine's Day Party

You can make a big impact without spending a lot on decorations. Have your child cut out red, pink and white hearts out of construction paper and hang them from string at various lengths. White, pink and red balloons can be floating around the room, and scatter additional construction paper hearts around the tables. If you want, you can purchase carnation flowers in red, pink and white and add them as a centerpiece.

You can also make Valentine placemats for your guests. Cut small and medium sized hearts out of white and pink construction paper, and glue to a large piece of red construction paper.

Add a little glitter or personalize the names of your guests with glue and glitter. If you have a little money to spend, your local dollar store will probably offer plenty of decorating options. When purchasing decorations, consider whether or not they'll last another year, in case you decide to throw a Valentine's party again next year.

Valentine's Day Party Food

Food has to be fun and tasty for a Valentine's Day Party. Start with a tray of veggies and dip, and then add the fun stuff. The party goers can make a batch of Valentine's Day Snack Mix by adding Valentine-colored M&Ms to yogurt covered raisins, dried cherries, mini-marshmallows and a few other yummy ingredients. A batch of mock Strawberry Daiquiries, a heart-shaped pizza, and a heart-shaped strawberry cake can complete the menu.

Play a Game

Fill a large, glass canister or fish bowl with Hershey Kisses or Valentine conversation hearts. As guests enter, have them guess the number of candies in the bowl. The one with the best guest gets to keep the candies as a goody prize.

Another fun game to play is, "Who Am I?" Each guest writes down the name of a favorite movie star or pop star on a card, along with a few other personal "likes" and "dislikes". The host reads the information, and everyone has to guess who wrote it.

Make a Valentine's Craft

Have guests make an autograph book, and afterward they can take turn signing each other's books. You'll need to purchase mini-notebooks, stickers, markers, construction paper, and glue sticks. Or, have the children make Valentine pretzel rods to take home.

Have the children dip the pretzel rods in melted chocolate, and then roll in red or pink sugar sprinkles. Lay them on wax paper to dry. Once dry, tie with a ribbon to take home.

Watch a Movie

There are plenty of Valentine's movies your guests can watch that are in keeping with the Valentine's Day Party theme. Possible choices include Enchanted, Ella Enchanted, The Parent Trap and The Princess Bride. Don't forget to pop the popcorn.

Don't Forget Goody Bags

Part of the fun of hosting a Valentine's Day Party is assembling and handing out the goody bags. Stuff goody bags with Valentine-themed pencils, candies, mini-notebooks and stickers, and your guests are sure to leave happy.

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