Ideas For Decorating Your Cast

How to brighten up your dreary cast

Having a cast is usually not much fun. So why not make the best of it and brighten your day, as well as those around you. Here are some favorite ways to brighten your cast.

Get a Cool Color

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Most doctors who apply casts carry a variety of colored cast options. Popular colors are the bright neon pink, green and oranges. Some people prefer a color of their favorite sports team or a school color. There is even glow-in-the-dark cast material. One suggestion, if you are going to have trouble keeping your cast clean (be honest!), you will want a darker color.

Have it Signed By Friends

cast sign
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Not that I had to suggest it, because having your cast signed has been the favorite of broken bone sufferers for generations, but it is harder to sign fiberglass casts than the older style plaster casts. It can be done, though. Just buy a thick marker. If you have a darker colored cast, you can by a thick-tipped silver marker that should work well.

Cover it Up

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CastCoverz is a new cover for casts, splints, boots and slings - that adds style! Available in a large variety of designs and fabrics, CastCoverz also prevents snagging and scratching - and is easily removed for washing!

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Get a Casttoo!

casttoo cast decoration
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Casttoos are tattoos that are made for casts. It can be hard to draw an intricate design on the rough surface of a cast, but a casttoo can take care of that for you. All you need is a hairdryer to get the casttoo design to stick to your cast. The terrific thing is that there are casttoos available for all sizes and colors of casts -- not to mention for all types of people. These are also a great get-well-soon gift idea for your friends who have a broken bone.

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Make it a Beauty

Broken Beauties makes cast covers for arm casts (called "Arm Candy") and leg casts (called "Leg Rolls"). These are stretchable cast covers that come in unique designs made to fit all sizes of casts. They are fun for kids and adults, and they can cover up a stained and messy cast.

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