32 Ideas For Mom "Me Time"

Mini escapes are important for our health and sanity. Find 8 ideas for "me time"

Once you become a parent, little pleasures become a big deal. Eating healthy, finding time for fitness and self-care are all very important, but "me time" means pure pleasure. Hire a babysitter or enlist your spouse/partner to watch the kids and take advantage of some much needed "me time." "Me time" may be a short 30 minutes or last an entire afternoon (if you are lucky!) Get some inspiration here with 32 ways to get in "me time." Many of these ideas are free, quick or both!

Get In Touch With Your Senses

woman listening to music
  • Listen to music
  • Take a bubble bath with candles
  • Walk though museums in-person or virtually via www.artsy.net
  • Play with your pet or go visit a pet store

Be Creative

woman writing in a journal
  • Color in a coloring book or paint a watercolor 
  • Make a vision board 
  • Create a scrapbook of family pictures or vacations
  • Write a poem or short story

Take Time to Relax

spa pedicure
  •  Massage your scalp or hands
  • Give yourself a spa treatment
  • Turn off your phone for 30 minutes
  • Lay on your back with cucumbers on your eyes


friends having lunch
  • Watch your wedding video
  • Email, call or text with an old friend 
  • Go to the movies or grab lunch with a friend
  • Go to a paint and wine class in your area

Get Outside


Bring Out the Brainy Side

woman doing crossword puzzle
  • Pick up a new book 
  • Do a crossword puzzle
  • Learn a new language (adult class or online or Rosetta Stone) 
  • Watch a documentary

Let Yourself Have Fun

play cards with friends
  • Play cards or a board game
  • Find a yard or antique sale
  • Watch your favorite movie and eat popcorn 
  • Put on music and have a dance party

Rejuvenate Your Mind

beach setting
  • Look through pictures of your favorite beach vacation
  • Make your screensaver a beach or mountain scene
  • Buy flowers and put them in a vase in your home 
  • Re-arrange or redecorate a room in your home

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