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Gilboa Walk - 20K Israeli Walking Group Day 1 - Israel
Gilboa Walk - 20K Israeli Walking Group Day 1 - Israel. Wendy Bumgardner © 2010

The IML Walking Association (formerly the International Marching League) sanctions a series of annual walks that take place in different countries with the purpose of promoting international travel and friendship through walking.

The IML was founded in 1987 as an international nonprofit organization to promote good health and encourage friendship between people all over the world. Their slogan is "Nos jungat ambulare" or "May walking bring us together." Walkers participate in the sanctioned events, getting stamps in their International Walker passbooks and earning medals and designations as International Master Walker and European Walker.

Multi-Day Walks

Each IML Walking Association walk has a minimum of two days of walking, with a minimum distance of at least 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) per day to earn an IML record book stamp. Within these guidelines, the member events have a wide variety. In addition to the longer walks, most offer shorter distance trails such as 5K and 10K. Most of the walks also offer a 40K or marathon 42K trail each day. Events vary in duration from 2, 3, or 4 days.

Each event has its own entry fee, but prices are modest compared to many racing events. As a result, many groups form teams to come and participate. At Nijmegen, there are many military units which march together in full gear and backpacks, a true test of endurance. The start/finish areas provide camaraderie of meeting other international walkers, food for sale, entertainment, and a place to rest and repair the blisters.

Earning IML Walking Association Achievement Awards

The International Walker passbooks are available at the events for a modest price - $4 US equivalent.

The walker buys an International Walker Passport at his/her first walk. On completion of the walk, a special stamp for that particular walk is placed in the passbook. After obtaining stamps from three different IML events - each in a different country - the walker may purchase the International Walker Medal.

As the walker completes groups of three events they earn the bronze, silver, and gold levels. After completing the second set of three different walks, the walker may purchase the number 2 in bronze, after the third series the number 3 in bronze. In the fourth through seventh series the medal and numbers are in silver, and after the seventh series in gold, after the tenth series in gold with laurel leaves, and after 25 series the blue with gold medal may be obtained. That's 75 IML events.

After each IML walk in one of the affiliated countries, the walker may purchase a bar on which the name of the country is inscribed. This bar can be attached to the medal ribbon. Once a walker has earned an IML stamp in each of the founding member's countries: Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria, and Japan he/she has the right to the title of International Master Walker, an entry into a register, a unique certificate, and an inscribed clip in silver or gold for attaching the medal ribbon.

On completing IML walks in eight of the European member countries, the walker is entitled to the European Walker title, certificate, and clip. There is also a Pan Pacific Walker series.

Best Walking Events in the World

An event must go through a judging process to become an IML event. Only one event is allowed in most countries. It must be an event that welcomes and pleases walkers from around the world.

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