Improve Performance at Work When You Have ADD

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Improve Performance at Work When You Have ADD

From staying focused on tasks and tuning out distractions, to being about to juggle multiple tasks successfully and taking in all important details in meetings, adults with ADD / ADHD may experience many challenges in the work place. Luckily, you can try several strategies to make work more productive:
Make Work More Productive
Strategies for Success in the Workplace

Beyond working more productively, however, workers with ADD / ADHD may also have several workplace-related questions about their condition.

Should I Tell My Boss or Coworkers About My ADD?

An reader wrote in with this very question. “I haven't told my supervisor or any of my coworkers at my new job that I have ADD. Unfortunately, I am starting to have some problems, and it seems like everyone at work is getting frustrated with me. I feel like they think I am unmotivated, lazy or just plain irresponsible." This can be a difficult decision for some, but learning more about informing your colleagues of your ADD can help ease things.

Tips for Interacting with Co-Workers

"I am the mother of a young adult son with ADD. He has a job and is doing well with the work itself. His problem has to do with his coworkers. He wants everyone to like him, and he is a very likeable and sincere person, but does not seem to know how to approach people in new settings. Instead of his coworkers liking him, they shy away from him and he becomes an outsider. Do you have any tips?" Learn simple tips for improving social interactions.

What Rights Do I Have in the Workplace if I Have ADD?

What kinds of protections do workers have? How can an employee request a job accommodation? What can be done when accommodations are not provided? Learning more about job rights and accommodations can help clarify these and related questions.

Should I Switch Jobs?

An reader wrote in with the following question: "I have recently been diagnosed with ADD and my doctor prescribed medication, though it doesn’t appear to have much effect. I am struggling in my job and am thinking about making a change. What are the best jobs for people with ADD?" Click on Best Jobs to read response.

If you have lots of energy and are seeking a job that allows you lots of movement, there are several careers you may want to explore.

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