Improving Oral Health with the Latest in Health Innovation

Improving Oral Health with the Latest in Health Innovation

Oral health is more important than many people realize and goes beyond having a set of clean, shiny teeth. Social anxieties connected with halitosis, colloquially known as bad breath, are not uncommon. Moreover, the condition of one’s mouth, teeth and gums can be an indicator of overall health. Poor oral hygiene is a risk factor for many other health problems. Oral health has been linked to several health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and eating disorders.

Therefore, it appears a sensible idea to stay on top of keeping your mouth clean, if not for the sake of those around you, for the sake of your overall health. Conveniently, new portable digital health devices might be able to help you with this task.

Connection between Oral Health and Overall Health

Many factors contribute to the healthy state of your mouth, and things that you do (or do not do) influence the growth of bacteria on your teeth and gums. Many will be fine with standard daily tooth brushing and flossing, but sometimes there are other things — not necessarily within one's control — that play a role as well. For instance, certain medications such as painkillers, antihistamines and diuretics can make your mouth dry and affect the quality of your breath. A lowered immune system is another factor outside of oral hygiene that can contribute to oral health problems because of the body's reduced ability to regulate bacteria during times of illness.


Oral microbiota — one of the most varied floras in the entire human body — has also been connected to various systemic diseases. In rare cases, bacteria found in tooth plaque can cause endocarditis (a life-threatening inflammation of the heart muscle) if it enters the blood stream.  

Staying Hydrated

Getting a sufficient amount of fluids can ward off many health issues, including halitosis. Chronic dehydration is a simple factor that can make many products meant to ward of bad breath inefficient. Anaerobic bacteria that lives at the back of our mouth and thrives on leftover food particles can get washed off by saliva (the mouth's own natural cleanser). However, if your mouth becomes dry due to low fluid intake, this natural defense fails. Increasing hydration levels, especially in those that drink a lot of coffee or diet soda, might help some cases of bad breath. Beverages such as tea, coffee and alcohol all contribute to dehydration as they act as diuretics, so they do not necessarily contribute to keeping you hydrated.

A Handy Solution for Your Breath Anxieties

At this year’s 2016 Consumer Electronic Show, a solution was showcased: The Mint by Breathometer. Breathometer’s first innovation was a digital device that could detect and monitor alcohol levels in the body. Called the Breeze, this device lets a user know when they are at a safe blood alcohol level (BAC) to drive home. If the device deems the user unsuitable to undertake their journey, the device also provides the user with other relevant information, for example, an estimate of how long before they might become sober again, or a recommendation on a nearby accommodation to postpone unsafe driving.

The company’s latest innovation, The Mint, is the world’s first pocket-size breathanalyzer that measures the user’s breath quality and hydration levels. Mouth hydration detection is a function that distinguishes this device from previous laboratory devices that focused solely on measuring Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSC), known to contribute to bad breath. Charles Michael Yim, the founder and CEO of Breathometer, is confident the innovative product will help people get to the bottom of their oral problems.

The Mint device wirelessly connects to your smartphone and presents you with your results in seconds.

The companion app also provides you with some practical, actionable solutions. All you need to do is place the Mint device in your mouth and let it automatically draw a sample of your breath. Your breath then gets analyzed for VSC and hydration levels. The free Breathometer companion app works on the latest iPhones as well as many Android devices.

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