In Balance Temperature Balancing Sheets

Soft, Snug Fit, No Temperature Extremes

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My Review - In Balance Temperature Balancing Sheets

I have fibromyalgia, and like many people with that illness, one of my symptoms is wildly swinging temperatures. I especially tend to get overheated at night, which can lead to night sweats. Being hot and sweaty certainly doesn't help me get good-quality sleep! I'm also in the early stages of perimenopause, so I don't expect the night sweats to get better any time soon.

When I got the offer to try out In Balance Sheets, I was intrigued. The product description, from the Select Comfort website, says, "In Balance™ sheets help provide a more comfortable sleeping environment by balancing temperature swings."

I have to say, I've been pleasantly surprised. During the hottest weeks of the summer, I got a little too warm on occasion, but that's a big improvement over the usual, which is constantly shifting position because the bed's too hot, and frequently getting out of bed to soak my feet and cool off. During the winter, I was able to tolerate a warmer temperature in the bedroom, which makes getting out of bed in the morning more comfortable and has made my husband quite happy.

Another surprising feature is that the sheets don't feel cold when I first climb into bed. I have some really nice cotton sheets that I refuse to sleep on for about 10 months of the year because they feel so cold, and while the In Balance sheets have a similar texture, they're not cold to the touch.

I guess that's because of what the company calls "Outlast® Adaptive Comfort® Viscose fiber."

Fibromyalgia makes my skin extremely sensitive to texture, and even a slight roughness can feel like sandpaper. I've been really happy with how these sheets feel against my skin. They're luxuriously soft, with a thread count of 350.

My husband even noticed.

I have a memory foam bed that's really thick. These sheets are made to fit a big, fat mattress and they also have extra elastic bands running diagonally across the corners to keep them from slipping. That's also important with fibromyalgia, because sheet wrinkles against the body can really hurt.

They wash nicely as well -- I haven't noticed any change in the texture after several washings.

These are not budget sheets, though: they cost about the same as designer sheets, or 2-3 times what you'd expect to pay for a nice set. Pillowcases are sold separately, which adds to the cost. However, if you're most bothered by face/head sweat, you could try just the pillowcases.

A blanket containing the same temperature-control material is also available.


  • White bed sheets.
  • 50% cotton, 50% special temperature-balancing fabric.
  • 350 thread count.
  • Deep-pocket corners on the fitted sheet for mattresses up to 18 inches thick.
  • Elastic bands to keep them on tight.
  • Made by Select Comfort, makers of the Sleep Number bed.


  • Preventing overheating and sweating at night.

  • Feeling warm all the time.
  • Extremely soft to the touch.
  • Accommodate extra thick mattresses.
  • Wash nicely.


  • High cost, which doesn't include pillowcases.

    The Bottom Line

    In my opinion, In Balance Sheets are great for anyone who has nighttime temperature issues. They're also a good choice with fibromyalgia because of the softness and tight fit on the mattress.

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