Top 10 Reasons To Raise Your Hand In Favor of Masturbation

Masturbation. Self pleasuring. Onanism. Whatever you want to call it, self-stimulation has a long and complicated history in the public eye. However, masturbation can be a wonderful thing - and a a very safe way to have sex. That's why I've come up with the following ten reasons why everyone should think more favorably about masturbation.

It is the answer to many bad excuses

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One of the most ridiculous reasons I've heard people use for having sex with someone is that their partner made them feel guilty for giving them "blue balls." The term "blue balls" refers to the supposedly disastrous consequences of a man getting turned on and not having an orgasm. Such consequences don't actually exist. If a man gets an erection and doesn't have an orgasm, eventually his erection will just go away. However, even if someone is desperate for sexual release, partner sex is not the only option. Masturbation is a safe way to have an orgasm that doesn't involve pressuring anyone else to have sex.

Another common reason why people have sex that they later regret is that they're horny and really want to get off. Because of this, they may indulge in bad pick ups and have casual sex, even knowing that they won't be happy about it in the morning. There's no reason to go down that road. Although masturbation doesn't fill quite the same need as partner sex, it's also not usually something people regret... that is, unless they've done it somewhere inappropriate and gotten caught.

It can improve your health

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A lot of people don't know that it's possible for masturbation to improve your health. For example, for some women it can be a reasonably effective way of dealing menstrual cramps. That's because orgasms produce oxytocin -- a natural painkiller. Masturbation may also potentially reduce a man's risk of prostate cancer, as frequent ejaculation has been linked to lowered risk of disease.

You can do it safely while you're intoxicated

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It's not really a good idea to mix drinking and sexual decision making. If you're intoxicated, it's too easy to either forget to use a condom or other barrier... or to use one incorrectly. Masturbation, or even mutual masturbation, is a much better idea than intercourse or oral sex when under the influence.

You can't end up with any STD you didn't start out with

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Given the focus of this website, one of the best reasons I have for recommending masturbation is that it's pretty safe sex. Most of the time, you can't end up with any STD that you didn't start out with. (That said, it is theoretically possible for you to transfer an infection from one area of your body to another or to be infected by masturbating with a contaminated sex toy)

There is no chance whatsoever of anyone getting pregnant

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I know that some young girls believe that any sexual pleasure can get them pregnant, but it's not true. Pregnancy can only occur when sperm meets egg in the proper environment. When someone is masturbating, there may be sperm OR egg, but there certainly won't be both. Therefore, pregnancy from masturbation is impossible. (True hermaphrodites - who make both functional sperm and functional eggs - are vanishingly rare.)

It gives you an opportunity to see what latex you like

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If you're someone who is picky about condoms, lubricants, or other safe sex supplies, masturbation is the perfect time to test them out and find out what works best for you. With no partner, there's no pressure. You have all the time you need to play with each product and discover if it turns you on or turns you off.

Learning about your body can make partner sex more pleasurable

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Masturbation can teach you important things about your body. By touching yourself, you can learn what sensations are pleasurable, what sensations make you uncomfortable, and the types of touch that help you to orgasm. Knowing this about yourself can make partner sex more enjoyable, since you can communicate the types of stimulation you want and need.

Masturbation is a low risk way of connecting with a new partner

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Sometimes mutual masturbation can be a great way of connecting sexually with a new partner. By masturbating together, or masturbating each other, you not only learn what you each find pleasurable, you do so in a relatively low risk way -- one that can also be a lot of fun. Plus, there's no need to wait for the STD test results to come in...

You can try new things without performance anxiety.

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Just like masturbation is a good way to test out new safer sex supplies, it's also a great way to try out new sexual sensations. For example, if you're curious about what anal sex might feel like, or whether you enjoy G-spot stimulation, sometimes it can feel safer to try these experiences out alone, at your own pace. When you're masturbating, there's no need to think about whether you're pleasing your partner or if they're enjoying themselves. It's all about focusing on your body and your needs.

It's fun!

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Still, the best reason for a person to masturbate is because it's something they enjoy. Just like having sex with someone else, having sex with yourself can be a lot of fun!

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