6 Creative Indoor Activities To Keep Kids Busy This Winter

Stuck inside with nothing to do? Create your own family fun with these ideas

During the winter months, it can be a challenge to keep your kids busy, active and entertained without breaking the bank. Here are some creative and inexpensive indoor activities that your child can do with you, a child care provider or their friends, depending on their age.

Hangout In The Kitchen


Cooking or baking with children is a great way to teach your child about patience and following directions. It is also a great way to connect. Share your tasty treat together after all the work is done!

Get Crafty


Doing crafts with children can be a bonding experience. Most kids like expressing their creativity and enjoy craft activities fun. Kids learn to be patient, work slowly and follow directions. 

DIY Board Books or Scrapbooks can be given as gifts or kept for your own families. Children can share memories and choose pictures to put in the book. Babies and young children love small books, perfect for their little hands. Books also encourage language development and reading.

Play Games


If your kids won't take their eyes off the television or stop playing their video games, introduce them to other games! Tell them about the good old days when we didn't have video games.

Create a scavenger hunt, play indoor hopscotch, teach your kids a card game or spend some quality family time together with a board game. Check out games by age group that the whole family can play together.

Let's Dance


Keep your kids active while indoors with an impromptu dance party or a game of freeze dance! Turn on the radio or play some of your kids' favorite songs. Tell everyone to dance until the music stops. When it does, everyone must freeze in whatever position they find themselves in - however crazy the position may be! Challenge kids by asking them to freeze in specific poses, such as making shapes, letters, yoga poses or animal imitations.

A Day At The Spa


Prepare your salon by giving everyone their own beach towel to lay on. Have each person pick out their preferred polish color for their nails and their toes. Provide some beverages to sip on as the kids relax before, during or after their treatments. Put on relaxing music to set the mood.

Make a homemade face mask. You can make masks by mixing avocado, oatmeal and honey or create your own DIY mask using recipes here. For fun, give the kids the option to apply each other’s masks.

A spa day is not complete without a hand and foot massage. Massage the girls’ hands and feet while their masks dry. Remove masks with a warm cloth while the kids relax on the towels.

Next, give the kids a manicure and pedicure. Allow everyone to relax while their hands and toes dry with a story, music or by watching a movie.

Give It the Old College Try (Virgin Style)


Think of games you played in college and remove the alcohol. Play "beer" pong, flip cup or quarters, of course just with water! Check out the rules: for beer pong, flip cup and quarters or incorporate some of your own rules.

Both boys and girls will find these games fun and challenging. These games are great for working on fine motor skills and will bring out the competitive spirit. Make sure to put a towel under the table because there will sure to be a mess!

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