Indoor Sports for Tweens

If your tween is looking for an indoor sport, here are a few ideas

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Sometimes it's not possible to play an outdoor sport. Maybe your tween suffers from difficult allergies, or maybe the cold winter weather prevents your child from hitting the outdoors for some physical activity. Whatever the reason, your child can still engage in sports indoors, whether he's looking for a competitive team, or something a bit more casual, such as recreation league or a club team. Below are a few examples of indoor sports programs, besides basketball and hockey.

See if your tween might be interested in one of them.

Indoor Sports Programs for Tweens

The benefits of participating in an indoor sports program are exactly the same as any outdoor sports team or club. Sports will help your child make friends, learn new skills, and develop a sense of teamwork and accomplishment. So don't shy away from an indoor sports program. Ideas for programs that might be available in your area are below. 


If your tween swims on a team during the summer months it's likely to be on outdoor team. But fall and winter swim teams are usually indoor programs. Your child's school or your local YMCA will likely have a swim team, or may know where to direct you to one. If your child isn't a strong swimmer, indoor swimming lessons may also be an option.


Bowling can be a fun sport for a child who is into non-competitive sports. Bowling will encourage your child to play his personal best, which is a bit different from playing on a sports team.

If your tween is looking for an indoor sport that offers plenty of fun in a casual and fun setting, a bowling league may be just the thing. 


While beach volleyball or sand volleyball are outdoor sports, traditional volleyball is an indoor sport. Leagues can be found in both the spring and the fall, and your child's school might also have a team your tween can play for, if she makes the team.

Summer volleyball camps are also a great idea for children who can't play outdoors in the summer months due to allergies or extreme heat sensitivity.

Gymnastics and Cheer

Don't forget that gymnastics and competitive cheerleading are both indoor sports. While both require a great deal of time and hard work if your child is going to excel, both sports are often favorites for tweens who have competitive spirits and require a challenge. Don't make the mistake of thinking competitive cheer isn't a sport. Cheerleaders who compete on teams are often very accomplished gymnasts and dancers.


You may think of your local skating rink as a location for a birthday party, but don't underestimate the exercise your tween can gain from skating. 'Your child can get a lot of exercise indoors by visiting your local skating rink. Indoor ice skating and roller rinks often offer skating lessons for children who need to learn the basics. Who knows, your child may discover that skating is the sport for him, and that could begin a lifelong love for the sport.  

Note: If your child is avoiding outdoor sports because of allergies, a trip to your pediatrician may be in order. There are a number of medications that can help your tween enjoy outdoor sports, even if he suffers from seasonal outdoor allergies. 

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