Inexpensive Baby Gifts for Twins

Inexpensive Baby Gifts for Twins - 10 Gifts for Twins Under $25

Inexpensive Baby Gifts for Twins
Inexpensive Baby Gifts for Twins. Photo credits:

Know someone who recently added twins to their family? Perhaps you want to send a thoughtful gift and congratulate them, but you don't want to spend a lot of money. Check out this collection of baby gifts, perfect for twins, that won't cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, they are all priced BELOW $25.

Cuddle Twins Set of Two - $20.99

Cuddle Twins Baby Gift Set for Twins
Cuddle Twins Baby Gift Set of Two. Photo Credit:

Angel Dear Cuddle Twins - $20.99 for Set of Two (buy at

Cuddle twins combine the best of both worlds, a sweet stuffed animal head atop a soft "lovey" blanket body. Sold in a set of two identical items, perfect for gift-giving. Pictured here are the monkey cuddle twins, but they are also available in a variety of other animals, such as lions, lambs, and elephants.

Buy Angel Dear Cuddle Twins at

Womb Mates T-Shirts - $17.99

Womb Mates Infant T-Shirts for Twins
Womb Mates Infant T-Shirts for Twins. Photo Credit:

So Relative!  Womb Mates T-Shirts - $17.99 for Set of Two (buy at

Get two t-shirts for the price of one! These shirts are made of 100% organic cotton and available in sizes up to 18 months. Twins can show off their "womb mates" status with pride. Gender neutral green color is appropriate for boy, girl or mixed twins.

Buy Womb Mates shirts at

Podee Bottle System - $17.67

Podee Bottle Feeding System, Twin Pack
Podee Bottle Feeding System for Twins. Photo credit:

Podee Hands-Free Bottle System - $17.67 for Twin Pack (buy at

This is a great gift for twins ... IF you are positively certain that the family plans to utilize bottle feeding and not exclusively breastfeeding. (Be confident about that fact before you choose this as a gift.) For twins who receive bottles, this hands-free system can be a life-saver for parents who are trying to feed two babies at the same time.

Buy Podee Bottle System at

Two Peas in a Pod Picture Frame - $13.86

Two Peas in a Pod Picture Frame for Twins
Two Peas in a Pod Picture Frame for Twins. Photo credit:

Grasslands Road "Two Peas in a Pod" Picture Frame - $13.86 (buy at

This is a great gift for twins because it allows families to display pictures of their new arrivals in a double frame, with a twin theme. Parents of twins know how hard it can be to a get a good picture of both babies at the same time, and always appreciate a double frame so that they can showcase each child individually.

Buy Two Peas in a Pod picture frame at

Hats for Twins - $18.99

Hat Set for Twins
Hat Set for Twins. Photo credit:

So Relative! Unisex Baby Knotted Hat - $18.99 for Set of Two (buy at

These "two cute" knit caps are made of a soft, lightweight fabric, perfect for infants but stretchable to fit up to 18 months (or so they claim; some reviews indicate they are better suited for smaller babies). Available in a variety of colors, with twin-themed sayings like the "1 of 2," and "2 of 2" combination shown here. Other options include "copy/paste," "bacon/eggs," "I'm the favorite," and "Feed Me First."

Buy knit caps at

Willow Tree Twins Sculpture - $13.88

Willow Tree Two Together Sculpture for Twins
Willow Tree Two Together Sculpture for Twins. Photo credit:

Willow Tree Two Together Collectible Figurine - $13.88 (buy at

Want something small but special to commemorate the addition of twins to a family? Willow Tree figurines are a classic collectible, hand carved in the United States, and known for their ability to convey special sentiments. The Two Together figurines capture the sweetness of the twin relationship. The figures are gender neutral and appropriate for any type of twins. Sure to be a cherished keepsake.

Buy Two Together figurines at

Bibs for Twins - $14.99

Yes, we are twins bibs
Bibs for Twins. Photo credit:

Mashed Clothing Unisex Baby Bibs - $14.99 for Set of Two (buy at

"Yes, we are twins." Twin parents will understand the humor of this pronouncement, even if their babies don't quite get it yet. Twins and their parents are constantly subjected to silly questions and comments from complete strangers, and "Are they twins?" is one of the things they hear often and are tired of explaining. Set of two bibs are constructed of brightly colored cotton with velcro closure.

Buy bibs for twins at

Baby Toy Set - $11.95

Baby Toy Set for Twins
Set of Foot Finders and Wrist Rattles. Photo credit:

Lamaze Wrist Rattles and Foot Finders - $11.95 for Set of Four (buy at 

Rattle toys for feet and wrists are a fun developmental toy for babies. With bright colors and contrasting patterns, these rattles promote sensory development and hand-eye coordination. Although this set is designed for one child, it's a perfect toy that twins can share; with four items (two for wrists and two for feet), there are plenty to go around.

Buy rattle set at

Baby Board Books for Twins - $6.00 - $13.00 each

baby board books for twins
Books for Twins. Photo credit:

Board Books About Twins - Range in Price from $5.84 to $13.84 Per Book (buy at

  • Two is for Twins by Wendy Cheyenne Lewiston
  • Twin to Twin by Margaret O'Hair
  • Take Two by J. Patrick Lewis
  • Playtime for Twins by Ellen Weiss

Books are one of my favorite things to give as a baby gift, because I believe that reading with children is so important. And there are several books that are prefect for giving to twins, because they are about twins. I've listed a few here, but there are several others on the market. Spend some time at the bookstore and browse for your favorites. Board books are ideal for younger babies because they can hold up under rough handling, but even hardback books are an inexpensive gift option. Of course, I always recommend giving TWO books, so that each child has one of their very own.

Buy board books at

Pacifier Clips for Twins - $25.00

Pacifier clips for twin
Twin themed Pacifer Clips (set of two). Photo credit:

Twin 1/Twin 2 Pacifier Clip with Matching Ribbon - $25.00 for Set of Two (buy from

These handmade clips are an adorable play on the classic Dr. Seuss characters, Thing 1 and Thing 2. Pacifier clips are a handy way to ensure that the babies' pacifiers aren't lost or dropped on the ground, even if they spit them out.

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