Information for Families of Alcoholics

Dealing With Alcoholism in the Family

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There are many resources on this site which are intended to help those who have a drinking problem, but also just as many for the families and friends of alcoholics. After all, alcoholism is considered a "family disease" that can effect all members of the family whether they realize it or not.

Do You Need Help?

Why do I need help? He's the alcoholic!
The disease of alcoholism affects everyone in the family, whether they realize it or not.

How Can I Get Him to Stop?
When family members of those who are alcohol-dependent ask the above question about a drinker, the answer is never simple.

Enabling - When 'Helping' Doesn't Really Help
Many times when family and friends try to "help" alcoholics, they are actually making it easier for them to continue in the progression of the disease.

Are You Enabling an Alcoholic?
Sometimes the things we think are helping are actually hurting. This quiz can show you which behaviors are enabling the alcoholic in your life.

Alcohol Problem Screening
Are you concerned you may be developing a problem with alcohol yourself? Complete this for some answers.

Has Your Life Been Affected?

Are You Troubled by Someone's Drinking?
Millions of people are affected by the excessive drinking of someone close. The following questions, from Al-Anon Family Groups, are designed to help you decide whether or not you need Al-Anon.

Did You Grow Up with a Problem Drinker?
If a family member, friend, coworker or neighbor has or has had a drinking problem, the following questions, developed by Al-Anon Family Groups, may help you determine if Al-Anon is for you.

Adult Children of Alcoholics Quiz
Did you grow up in an alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional family?

Those who grow up in homes where there is alcohol abuse or alcoholism are sometimes affected in ways they do not even realize.

How Families Are Affected by Alcoholism

A Family in Crisis
This, unfortunately, is a true story about how many lives one alcoholic can affect, and how alcoholism can spiral into a full-fledged family disease.

Games Alcoholic Families Play (Part I)
You didn't cause it and you can't control it. But could you be contributing to the problem?

Games Families Play (Part II)
If you find yourself locked into playing a role in the alcoholic's life, maybe you need to call "time out."

Denial - A Symptom of Alcoholism?
One of the most frustrating factors in dealing with alcoholism, as a relative, friend or professional, is that alcoholism is almost always accompanied by a phenomenon known as "denial."

What About the Children in Alcoholic Families?

Is Your Teenager Using?
If your child is using alcohol and drugs, it's a good bet he (or she) is probably doing everything possible to keep those activities hidden.

Growing Up 'Alcoholically'
Growing up in a home with an active alcoholic can affect how a child looks at life and almost everything in it.

The World of a Child
How does drinking affect the world of a child? This brochure pulls together a range of statistics on alcohol use by kids and its impact on their health.

Adult Children
Most of us who grew up in families affected by the disease of alcoholism never really did grow up.

What Can You Do to Help?

Sometimes when the alcoholic's problems reach the crisis level the only choice left to his family is professional intervention.

Another View of Intervention
A new book suggests that families may not be as powerless as they have been lead to believe in intervening with an alcoholic or addict family member.

Detachment - Letting Go of Someone Else's Problem
For the friends and family of the alcoholic the key to serenity is finding the wisdom to know the difference between what they can and cannot change.

Al-Anon Meeting Discussion Topics
A discussion of 40 topics of interest to families of alcoholics and newcomers to Al-Anon.

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