Innovative Medical Supply Products

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Looking for inspiration? Searching for the latest innovations in medical supplies? If you're in the medical supply industry and curious about what new technology and design has made it to the marketplace, here's a convenient place to start.

Or, perhaps you're struggling with managing your own health condition and you feel like you've exhausted your research efforts to find something better for you.

Maybe you're looking for a solution that's less expensive, or more portable. I've tried to make your hunt a little easier by collecting some things that I've found that are relatively new, but perhaps may not have the notoriety yet that these products deserve.

Medical Supply Process Innovation

There are companies who have changed the way medical supplies are ordered. Sometimes they've improved the accuracy of the orders, sometimes they've enhanced the ease of ordering, and sometimes they've improved the patient experience.

Take a look at these examples for inspiration that could inform design in your company, or if you're a person managing your own health condition, hopefully, you'll find something in this list that can make life better for you.

Innovative Medical Supply Ordering

Some companies, big and small, have developed new ways to manage the order process. They've made things more efficient on their end as a company, but also more efficient for the person who needs to order the supplies. Often, this translates into lower costs and faster turn around times.


Innovative Medical Products, Equipment, and Supplies

Here are links to product reviews and resource portals that will hopefully give you a new idea, a new source, or trigger an idea that may help you on your quest for delivering, or receiving, better health care.

More About Innovation

These articles talk about more global changes that are new to our current world. For example, below you can learn more about how some non-profit groups have found ways to divert wasted medical supplies from landfills in the United States, and instead get them into the hands of communities overseas that have little or no access to medical care.

You'll also find an article that may hit closer to home in, "How Late in Life Should You Plan to Stay in Your Own Home?" Learn more about the assisted living experience, how it has enhanced the quality of life of seniors, and how it differs from the traditional concepts we've had of "nursing homes" and "rest homes."

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