Inspirational Quotes for People Living With Arthritis

Life is full of challenges. There isn't a person among us who won't agree with that simple statement. The challenges are not the same for all of us though. Your challenges may be financial, marital, family, career, school, or health-related -- just to name a few.

For people living with arthritis, the challenge is how to live a "normal" life. More specifically, people with arthritis are challenged to stay motivated while dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, physical limitationsfunctional limitations, and all of the other consequences of chronic disease.

Inspirational Quote From Thomas Carlyle

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Each of us must find our own personal motivation -- something or someone that inspires us to fight for a better quality of life. But, on those days when we feel the burden of pain intensely, sometimes just a few words -- the right words -- are enough to jump start our spirit, rekindle our positivity, or simply allow us to realize that we are not alone. Consider these 10 inspirational quotes which I have compiled. I hope one or more of the quotes will resonate with you.  

In this first quote, by Thomas Carlyle, we are reminded that we must tap into our inner strength to muster the ability to persist and persevere despite our struggles. His words remind us that we are capable of that.

Inspirational Quote From Christopher Reeve

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Christopher Reeve reminds us that it is heroic to be able to summon our ability to persevere and endure. The words are especially poignant because we are aware he was a man who faced life-changing battles after his accident. He knows of what he speaks. It is no small thing to be able to adapt and adjust, while living life to the fullest, albeit differently.

Inspirational Quote From Eleanor Roosevelt

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Eleanor Roosevelt's quote reminds us that we gain strength, courage, and confidence by facing our fears, acting with bravery, and being resilient. Experience teaches us that we are capable -- often more capable than we think.

Inspirational Quote From Helen Keller

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We all know Helen Keller's story. Her quote suggests that we build character by facing our struggles. Adversity is perhaps our greatest teacher. 

Inspirational Quote From Mahatma Gandhi

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According to Mahatma Gandhi, our strength is derived from our will. It's a simple quote but deep in meaning. Our challenges and experiences make us stronger, more courageous, and more resilient. Our will to carry on must be unshakeable.

Inspirational Quote From Winston Churchill

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Again, this is a simple sentence with deep meaning. Winston Churchill points out that we gain much from difficult experiences. It is those difficult times, when you feel like you are fighting against the wind, that you learn how to soar.

Inspirational Quote From Walter Elliot

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Many inspirational quotes refer to perseverance. It is likely the most important characteristic a person can have who lives with chronic, disabling arthritis. Perseverance means that we persist despite obstacles and struggles. Walter Elliot's words remind us how to persevere when it starts to feel overwhelming.

Inspirational Quote From John Ruskin

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Living with arthritis requires strength, perseverance, endurance, and will. John Ruskin reminds us of yet another essential characteristic -- patience.

Inspirational Quote From Confucious

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A brief quote from Confucious reminds us that giving up is not an option. 

Inspirational Quote From Robert H. Schuller

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I placed the Robert H. Schuller quote last because it summarizes the message of this collection of inspirational quotes. As we face our struggles, with patience and perseverance, we will learn from our experiences. In each struggle, there is a lesson. If we internalize each lesson, we will ultimately learn how to live well with arthritis.