20 Inspiring Preemie Quotes


Life Lessons Premature Infant Quote
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If anyone understood adversity, Helen Keller did.

Her words can inspire you to relax into the lessons that this journey is giving you. You can't understand the lessons gained from this experience until you live through them.

A Person's a Person

a person's a person no matter how small preemie quote
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Preemies are the smallest people, and they matter. They matter a whole lot!

Little But Fierce

Little But Fierce Preemie Quote
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How could Shakespeare know how to perfectly describe a preemie?

(You can purchase this quote as a double-sided laminated crib card to hang at your baby's NICU bedside here.)

Dealing with Fear

Don't Be Afraid Hopeful Preemie Quote
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It may feel unbearable, but the fear you feel when your baby is born early is appropriate and important. It's a lifeline between the two of you, it's only natural.

So while you can't make the fear go away, you can learn to embrace it as an important bond between you and your baby. It's because of your powerful love.

Hard but Wonderful

Preemie Baby Quote
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This goes double for having a preemie - the wonderful is incredible, and yet the hard is so much harder.

When it's particularly hard, know that it is normal for it to feel hard and it does get better.

You are Super

Super Mom Preemie Quote
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Mothers of preemie babies often blame themselves for the trauma of prematurity and carry guilt for their baby's suffering. When you're feeling this way, please remember two things - you are not to blame for prematurity, and your child loves you deeply.

Braver, Stronger, Smarter

Braver, Stronger, Smarter Premature Baby Quote
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When you're feeling scared, weak and confused, remember these words from Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh.

Christopher Robin said this to Pooh, as he thought about what would happen if the two of them ever had to be separated.

He wanted Pooh to remember how wonderful he is, and it's the way preemie parents feel about their babies.

Preemie Gratitude

Give Thanks Preemie Quote
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Even though the birth of a baby is a wondrous occasion, preterm birth brings enormous worry.

When prematurity feels like nothing but stress and fear, let this quote urge you to find the beauty and positivity wherever you can.

Preemie Strength

Be Strong Preemie Quote
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Prematurity brings out strength in parents that they may never have known they had. And while nobody ever wants to learn their strengths this way, you will find strength in yourself and you can feel proud of yourself for doing your best to get through this.

Look for the positives

Stay Positive Inspiring Prematurity Quote
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Sure, prematurity robs parents of many hopes and dreams. But focusing all of your energy on what you've lost makes it even worse.

So take Oprah's words of wisdom to heart - you will find more joy and more hope when you look for the positives.

The Challenge, Reimagined

Challenges NICU Quote
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This is one way to look at the challenge of prematurity that can make it seem less negative and more bearable. What would it look like for you to embrace the challenge in this way?

Holding your Preemie

Hold your baby inspirational preemie quote
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Your chance to influence your baby for a lifetime starts early with prematurity. Don't let it slip away just because of the NICU.

It may be harder, but you still have the opportunity to begin your parenting journey with intention and love.

By pouring your heart and soul into loving your child, even through all of the difficulty, you're giving your child such a wonderful gift for an entire lifetime.

Preemie Mothers and Fathers

Good mothers good fathers preemie quote
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Preemie parents especially need the reminder that their instincts are important and valid to their child. The NICU can create a disconnect between parents and babies, and it interferes with a parent's first introduction to taking care of their baby.

But a parent's insights should be honored, a parent's wishes should be respected, and a parent's desires should be accommodated whenever possible.


Amazing Mother Preemie Quote
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Having a preemie in the NICU leaves many mothers in tears, because love is incredible and the depth of love between mother and child does not care about gestational age or birth weight. Love is unspeakably wonderful and heartbreaking, and loving this much is a powerful thing.


Preemie Inspirational Quote
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This is for all of the family & friends of preemie parents - do not underestimate how important your kindness is. Even though it may not seem as if you're able to do much to help, please know that your caring is incredibly important. NICU parents need as much love and kindness as possible.


Nothing is Impossible Preemie Quote
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When you have a preemie, it's easy to get discouraged. Let this simple quote remind you to look for the possibilities.

Preemie Moms

Preemie Mother and Child Quote
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When preemies and their mothers are separated by the NICU, it is easy for mothers to feel that they can't mother their child. It's easy to doubt the importance of the bond.

But that bond doesn't diminish because of prematurity. It is true love, and it is just as important as ever.


Rest and Self-Care Quote
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Mothers pf preemies, please try your best to take care of yourselves. You cannot be there for your baby if you are on the brink of poor health.

So remember that by taking care of yourself, you are taking care of your baby. You both deserve it.

Preemie Love

Inspiring Preemie Quote Blue Baby Socks
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Enjoy every day of loving your preemie, all of them. These first scary days in the NICU will blur into more hopeful days as you near discharge, and then into wonderful and loving days at home.

Everyone needs Kindness

Be Kind Preemie Quote
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This is a good reminder for everyone, all the time. You never know who is struggling with a difficult journey. Kindness is a sure way to help each other out.