Insulin Resistance Is a Key to Weight Loss

Here's a great reader letter! -- "I've written to you numerous times before, but most recently to request that you write something about insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia and diabetes, and the connection between these disorders and hypothyroidism. So I was thrilled to read the "Insulin Resistance" segment of your recent article entitled Losing Weight with Hypothyroidism. It was very well-written and I'm sure easy to understand by those that are unfamiliar with insulin resistance.

I have struggled with Hypothyroidism for 19 years! Without boring you with details, 2 years ago I adopted a low-carb diet and exercised religiously to lose 40 lbs, only to have 15 of them come back recently with no explanation. The addition of a drug called Glucophage XL (extended release metformin) has helped tremendously by sensitizing my cells to my own insulin, reducing the amount of glucose my intestines absorb and turning down my liver's glucose production. Lower blood sugar means lower insulin, which means my body stores less fat, and is now burning my fat stores for fuel! The 15 lbs are gone! AND....I have cut my dose of Armour Thyroid in half! Yes, I am still hypothyroid, but it was the insulin resistance that was causing most of my symptoms. The weight problem, huge appetite, fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, bleeding gums, numb feet, yeast infections, low basal body temperature, easy bruising and slow wound healing have all been resolved over the past 4 months. blood pressure has fallen to within ideal normal ranges, as have my cholesterol levels!

I hope you continue to educate Thyroid patients and to encourage them to become active partners in their own medical care. They need to look beyond the thyroid to rule out another common cause of these symptoms.

They should demand a 4 or 5-hour oral glucose tolerance test that also measures insulin levels (even if their fasting blood sugar is normal) and settle for nothing less than the 2-hour test. I know if I hadn't made that demand, I'd still be complaining to my doctor about my thyroid and he'd still be telling me I was fine!

Feeling fine in the sunshine.....

Beverly from FL"


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