Intermediate Yoga Pose Library

Ardha Chandrasana
Half-Moon Pose - Ardha Chandrasana. © Ann Pizer

Are you starting to feel a little too comfortable with these beginners' poses? Then it's probably time to incorporate some intermediate postures into your repertoire. You may find some of these poses quite easy and others nearly impossible. "Intermediate" is a category with very fluid borders, so don't get discouraged. Yoga is a process and there are no deadlines. You have a lifetime to improve your strength and flexibility.

Standing Poses

Standing poses for intermediate students begin to incorporate a lot more balancing and twisting, as well as building on the quad strength and hamstring flexibility you've been working on.

Seated Poses

The hip opening is the focus of most of these seated poses. Remember to use props, like a blanket under your seat, if these poses are uncomfortable for you.


    More intense back-bending comes into the picture for intermediate students. Many of these back bends are done in a prone position, i.e. lying on your belly. When you feel ready, you can start to incorporate upward-facing dog and chaturanga (see below) into your vinyasas.

    Arm Balances

    Any pose where the arms support the majority of the body's weight can be classified as an arm balance. Though they don't take you too far off the ground, these starter poses help you build the arm strength and core strength you'll need for more difficult arm balances later on.

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