Introduction to Generalized Anxiety Disorder

What is GAD?

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is a mental disorder characterized by excessive worry and anxiety that is difficult for the person to control. GAD causes significant disruption in one's life. The following pages will guide you through more on what GAD is.

GAD Overview

"GAD Diagnostic Criteria" will let you see what mental health professionals are looking for in diagnosing GAD.

"GAD Prevalence Rates" vary based on age, sex and other variables.

This article is your guide to understanding the differences.

"Normal Anxiety or GAD?" will show you if you or your loved one's level of anxiety is normal or can qualify as GAD.

"What Causes GAD?" will walk you through the model that many mental health professionals now believe is how and why GAD occurs.

Difference Between GAD and Other Problems

GAD is often confused with some other mental disorders. The next series of articles deals with how you can tell the difference among states, such as depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder and GAD.

"Difference Between GAD and Depression"
"Difference Between GAD and Social Phobia"
"Difference Between GAD and OCD"
"Difference Between GAD and PTSD"

GAD and Other Life Problems

Finally, there are many life problems that can become related to GAD. People with significant anxiety problems often have it affect many parts of their lives, and the following articles are all covering some aspect of that:

"Anxiety and Relationship Problems." Often, people struggle with their interpersonal relationships when anxiety is involved. This article will cover the details.

"Marijuana and Anxiety." Sometimes people rely on marijuana as a way to reduce some of their experience of anxiety. This article details the pros and cons of that approach.

"Alcohol and Anxiety." Like marijuana, sometimes people with GAD find themselves using alcohol as a coping strategy, which can lead to further problems.

"Smoking and Anxiety." People with anxiety disorders, such as GAD, are more likely to smoke than those without. This article tells you why.

"Anxiety and Career Decisions." Anxiety can affect all parts of one’s life, including career. Read this article if you are wondering how career decisions can be made effectively even with GAD.

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