6 Useful Apps For People With Cancer

Android and iOS Apps Created With Your Needs in Mind

It can be easy to become disorganized when you are going through cancer treatment. Frequent doctor's appointments, multiple medications, and other daily commitments can be easily forgotten if you don't the tools to keep on top of them.

While forgetting a lunch date won't harm you, missing your medication can. Luckily, there is a growing number of iOS and Android apps perfect for everything from managing your communications and schedule to keeping track of your prescriptions and electronic medical records.

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CaringBridge is a free app created in association with the CaringBridge, a social networking site for people living with chronic medical conditions.

CaringBridge allows you to post health updates and any other information you would like to share with family and friends. It is perfect for those times when you get a test result and don't feel up to calling all of your loved ones to share the news.

The app is available for download on both iTunes and Google Play.


Cancer Terms Pro

Your medical team will often use terms unfamiliar to you during the course of your treatment. Don't get cut out of the conversation. The Cancer Terms Pro app (cost $1.99) is perfect for quickly deciphering all of the medical jargon that you need to know but used to ignore.

This app is great for people undergoing cancer treatment as it provides oncology-specific information and nothing else. Unrelated medical terms are not included, so the app will neither eat up your hard drive space or slow down the speed of your mobile device.  

Available only as an iOS app from iTunes.

The My Medical app ($1.99) is a streamlined, mobile mini-database that stores all of your medical information from allergies and medications to previous surgeries and specialist contact details. It can also warehouse more than one person's information, making it ideal for couples and families.  

My Medical contains a section to record lab results, a useful feature often missing from other medical apps).

Available from both iTunes and Google Play


iHealth Log ($4.99) caters to their needs of people with chronic diseases by tracking appointments, test results, lab values, and even fluctuations in their weight. 

iHealth Log is more robust than some of the other apps and includes such features as an audio diary you can use to record questions you need to ask your doctor at your next appointment or to jot memos to keep on top of your to-do list.

The app also includes the option to protect your sensitive medical information with a separate password protocol.

iHealth Log is available only as an iOS app at iTunes.


My Chemo Brain is a free app that understands how foggy a person's mind can get during chemotherapy. This thoughtful app does all of the remembering for you by providing you the tools to dictate notes about any side effect, illness, or complication that may arise during treatment.

It then organizes your notes clearly so that you can have them on hand for your next appointment.

You can also record what your doctor tells you so that you don't have to call the office back if you forget which drugs you're supposed to take or what tasks you are meant to complete.

Available from iTunes and Google Play.


CareZone is a free app that helps you organize all your prescriptions and supplements with one hand click.

Just snap a photo of your meds and the app will automatically log the names, dosages, and dosing schedule so you that keep track of them for whenever a specialist, pharmacist, or insurer request details.

It also includes an appointment calendar and a really useful feature that allows you to record and track your treatment adherence. 

Available from iTunes and Google Play