Review: Irish Spring Clear and Fresh Skin Body Wash

Irish Spring Clear and Fresh Skin Body Wash
Irish Spring Clear and Fresh Skin Body Wash. Photo courtesy of Irish Spring

Breakouts don't just happen on the face. Pimples, bumps and blackheads are super common on the chest, neck, back and shoulders. Irish Spring Clear and Fresh Body Wash is an over-the-counter medicated wash meant just for body acne, and it's just for guys.

Of course, I had to try out the product myself. But, since I'm not a man and wanted to get an "expert" opinion, I asked a few guys I know to help me review the body wash too.

Everyone is familiar with that classic Irish Spring bar soap scent. And this body wash did smell rather like Irish Spring, but just a bit tangier. Maybe a hint of citrus? The fragrance was a hit with the guys, and it does linger on the skin for a bit.

The body wash gel is super thick, and foams up to a rich lather. And just a little goes a long way. Squeeze a dime sized amount onto a washcloth or body scrubbie (wait, do guys even use those?) and you'll have enough for your entire body. My teenage tester just used a bit on his hands to soap up, and it worked well that way too.

The wash rinses away easily. The skin feels very clean and refreshed. And, even though there is no scrubbing grit to this wash, the skin felt surprisingly smooth afterwards too. (Honestly, the wash was a bit drying for me, but my male testers did not feel the same way. I guess it's that tough, guy skin. But, for what it's worth, if you tend to have dry skin it may be just a bit drying for you too.)

On the label, it says "8 hour scent system." Does this mean the scent is supposed to linger on the skin for eight hours? Not sure. The scent definitely does stay on the skin for a while, but eight hours would be stretching it. The consensus was the fragrance lasted just about an hour or two.

But, most importantly, my testers with mild breakouts did see an improvement.

Blackheads and zits decreased both in size, and number.

For those with moderate to severe acne, or with mostly inflamed breakouts, this body wash alone won't do the trick. Body acne has a reputation of being tough to treat, and a prescription medication is often needed in more stubborn or serious cases.

Active Ingredient:

Salicylic acid 2%


About $10 for a 15 fl. oz. bottle

Where You Can Buy:

At your local drug store or big box store (like Target or Walmart), and at certain online retailers.


  • It rinses away easily and leaves your skin feeling super clean.
  • It works well to help clear mild blackheads and breakouts.
  • Who wouldn't love the price? About $10 for a good sized bottle.


  • It's best for minor breakouts.  It won't clear up moderate to severe body acne.
  • The scent doesn't linger long on the skin, as it's suggested on the bottle.

The Bottom Line:

Irish Spring Clear and Fresh is a is a great male-oriented body wash that guys might want to try for mild body breakouts.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.