Is Cervical Cancer Caused by Tampons?

There Are Risk Factors For Cervical Cancer And They Are Not Tampons

Tampon. Getty Images/Sven Olof Jonn/Johner Images Royalty-Free


I received an email that said that tampons contain asbestos and dioxins that cause cervical cancer and uterine cancer if you use them. Do tampons cause cervical cancer?


The email you received has been circulating the Internet for years. The email warns that tampons contain asbestos, dioxin, and other synthetic fibers that can cause cancer in women. This is a myth; using tampons does not cause cancer.

In fact, tampons do not contain asbestos. The FDA maintains that there is no asbestos in tampons or as part of the manufacturing process. They are manufactured from cotton and rayon. Dioxin, the chemical compound mentioned in the email, is not a result of the tampon manufacturing process. Previous production methods of bleaching rayon had produced trace amounts of dioxin, however, these bleaching methods are no longer used. The bottom line is that when used properly, tampons are safe to use. Using tampons does not cause cancer.

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