Is Generic Prozac Just as Good?

Question: Is Generic Prozac Just as Good?

Probably like a lot of people my insurance company has more or less dictated that I take the new generic Prozac. I'm concerned that it may not be as effective.

Answer: In theory, yes, brand name and generic Prozac should be the same. Manufacturers of generic drugs have to meet the same FDA requirements as the brand name drugs. In actual practice, however, it seems consumers are seeing a difference between brand name and generic Prozac.

In fact, noted psychopharmacologist Ivan Goldberg says, "I will not authorize generic Prozac for any of my patients as there have been numerous reports of people becoming increasingly depressed three weeks after switching form the 'real stuff.' Because of the long-half-life of Prozac the three week lag is exactly what one would expect if the generic product were inferior to the 'real thing.'" Read or Post About Generic Prozac

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