Is Inflammatory Bowel Disease Contagious?

The Truth Behind The Idea That IBD Could Be Passed On Like A Virus

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Sometimes IBD does run in families -- but it's not cut and dry. Hero Images/Getty

No, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is not thought to be contagious. The cause of IBD is unknown, but it is thought to have both a genetic and an environmental component. IBD runs in families, but it tends to be more complicated than just being passed from parent to child. If the genetic piece is in place, the environmental component—and no one knows exactly what that is—may work as the trigger to set off the IBD.

There is no evidence to support the idea that IBD can be passed from person to person through casual contact.

A study was done in Belgium in the 90s that investigated married couples who both developed IBD. The researchers thought that because these couples developed IBD after marriage, that IBD must be contagious. The 10 examples cited in the study are thought to be rare. In fact, this occurrence is so rare, it is actually an argument against the idea that IBD can be contagious.


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