Is It OK to Sleep In Mineral Makeup?

Face powder in container with large makeup brush

Mineral makeup enthusiasts love that their makeup is made with natural ingredients. They love that it covers imperfections but still feels light. They love that it's so pure they can sleep in it.

Sleep in your makeup? Wait a minute! We've always been warned that sleeping in your makeup is a big skin care no-no.  Is it really OK to sleep in mineral makeup?

It's not a good idea to sleep in your makeup, natural minerals or not.

Just because all of the commercials say that mineral makeup is so good for your skin you can sleep in it, doesn't mean that you should. 

Mineral makeup may feel lighter on your skin than other makeup brands.  It may be more natural than other types of makeup.  But that doesn't mean leaving it on overnight is good for your skin.

Yes, mineral makeup is noncomedogenic (meaning, it doesn't contain ingredients known to clog your pores).  But that doesn't mean that it can't or won't clog your pores. 

After an entire day of being on your face, it's possible mineral makeup can block your pores, whether they contain pore-clogging ingredients or not.  Some people are much more prone to blocked pores and blemishes than others.  Even so-called noncomedogenic products can trigger a breakout in these people.

Besides, makeup isn't the only thing your face has on by the time your head hits the pillow.  Makeup aside, you will still have dirt, sweat, and excess oil on your skin.  That definitely should be cleansed away before turning in for the night.


Skip the nightly face washing, and you're also skipping your nightly acne treatment application.

If you're sleeping in your makeup, odds are you aren't using your acne treatments at night either.  And that's not helpful at all.  Remember, the more consistent you are with your treatments, the better the results you're going to get.


It can be hard to drag yourself to the bathroom sink every night when you're just dying to climb into your bed after a long day.  But that nightly habit is an important one. 

A simple cleansing every night not only removes all the gunk that's built up on your face from the day, but it also reminds you to apply your acne treatments.

Besides, most skin care pros and dermatologists recommend a twice-daily cleansing routine for those who are prone to acne.  So don't skip your nightly cleansing, no matter what type of makeup you wear.

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