Is NuMi by Nutrisystem Right For You?

Find out if this online tool and mobile app can help you lose weight

NuMi diet app and online tool. Nutrisystem NuMi

Are you in the market for a new weight loss program?  If you like the independence of doing things on your own, then you should check out NuMi, a weight loss system by Nutrisystem.  The program, which includes an online tool and downloadable app, will help self-motivated dieters slim down. 

What Is The NuMi App?

Nutrisystem’s weight loss tool is unique because it offers more than a simple calorie tracker but less than a full-service weight loss program.

  It’s the perfect system for do-it-yourself dieters who need a flexible, basic program at a reasonable cost.

NuMi is a free service. Dieters download the NuMi app or access the NuMi tool online and set up their membership. As a member, you have access to a wide range of NuMi tools, including a food log to track calories and other nutrients, an activity tracker to monitor your physical activity and a clever weight loss “journal” that allows you to manage and monitor wobbles, victories and slip-ups. 

Each subscriber gets their own personalized weight loss program based on what Nutrisystem calls “Responsive Dieting.”  The program adapts to your own food preferences, lifestyle, metabolism, activity level and weight loss goals.  From there you use the online tools and smartphone app as needed to lose weight.

NuMi Tools and Services

NuMi provides several innovative tools that make it different from the free weight loss apps that you might download on your computer or smartphone.

  Of course, you'll find everything you need to successfully manage your energy balance. But some cool additional features include:

  • Moments.  When you monitor, address and manage the emotional ups and downs of dieting, you become more likely to lose weight and keep it off.  The Moments section of NuMi, allows you to easily log each “wobble,” “victory,” or “slip-up.” You also get helpful information about each incident to make your weight loss process more effective.
  • NuMi Squad.  Every dieter has a day or two when they need a personal cheerleader to keep them on track. NuMi subscribers can live chat with an online coach to ask questions, get encouragement or solve problems. The team is available on demand 7-days a week and they provide positive and non-judgmental advice.
  • Meal Suggestions.  Whether you are eating out or dining in, the NuMi program can suggest a meal that fits into your diet plan. You’ll find recipes with nutritional information on the days when you decide to cook your own food.  You’ll also find menu selections and calorie counts for restaurant food in your area. The only downside, however, is that most of the food selections are fast food options.

Is NuMi Right for You?

NuMi provides fewer services than many standard weight loss programs.  For that reason, it might not be best fit for someone who has a lot of weight to lose or who needs more medical direction or coaching.  Dieters who rely on pre-packaged, calorie controlled meals, dieters who have tried repeatedly to lose weight, or dieters who are managing health conditions may need the services of a registered dietitian or a health care provider.


But if you are the type of person who likes to manage your own lifestyle or health programs, if you are healthy and don’t have a lot of weight to lose then NuMi is a good fit for you. NuMi is also a great product for people who are transitioning off of a more structured program and are trying to keep the weight off.  The system provides everything you need to slim down and stay lean without the big commitment or cost of a more structured program.

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